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About US

Ravoony is a high-end car wrap film brand integrating development, production, operation and packaging. Ravoony has been committed to the research in the field of car wraps and paint protection film. With strong capital and technical strength, Ravoony provides global car owners with high-quality car wraps films at competitive prices, so that car owners from all over the world can make the exterior design of their cars more in line with their wishes at the affordable price range.

Ravoony is one of manufacture to offer three-layer composite vinyl wrap film, one of car wrap production expert to research and develop the special effect film , and we have professional color research laboratories in China, by studying the original color of the car and the market color trend and demand as the research direction. Up to now, Ravoony has more than 20 series and more than 300 colors of vinyl wrap film for car owners to choose.

Ravoony Car Wrap Film Category

Matte Car Wrap

Low-brightness reflection, dull and noble, suitable for stable and elegant models, more gentlemanly, matte black, matte white, matte yellow, etc. are especially favored.

Glossy Car Wrap

The colors are bright and lively, the spot colors are realistic, and the fashion and sports are strong. It is suitable for supercars, sports sedans and hatchbacks, and can also add another interest to stable models.

Pearl Car Wrap

Clear and bright, with a little crystal light, and pearl-like smoothness and delicacy, it is a true display of fashion and dynamic, suitable for fashionable men and women with flashing and active temperament, adding a smart atmosphere to the car.

Metal Car Wrap

It looks like a rigid surface of hard metal, with smooth lines, three-dimensional and deep, and the rigid charm of men can be seen through the bright and tough lines of the car.

Carbon Fiber Car Wrap

Carbon fiber matte surface, emphasizing three-dimensional and elegant and noble, mainly color is black and gray, suitable for mid-to-high-end stable models and car interior film, with excellent effect.

TPU Car Wrap

Pure color and transparent, no yellowing and no brittle cracking, specially designed to protect the car body, can effectively block UV, high temperature and chemical erosion, give the most thorough protection to the original paint, enhance the three-dimensional brightness of the paint surface, and make the original paint effect better.

Customized Car Wrap

Ravoony offers customized service, used in conjunction with various inkjet printers to print appointed pattern. It has good ink sealing ability, perfectly expresses various patterns, bright and vivid colors, and long-lasting. It is the first choice for fashionable car owners to decorate their cars and show their individuality. It is also a racing car and advertising applications and complex patterns. Excellent program on display.

Why choose Ravoony Car Wraps?

  1. Superior durability: excellent outdoor durability, 3-5 years for PET car wrap films, 7-9 years for TPU car wraps, no degumming, no fading, no warping, no embrittlement;

  2. Excellent back adhesive: it can be pasted repeatedly within 40 minutes to facilitate multiple installation positioning; after 24 hours of curing, it has the characteristics of permanence, removability and high shielding; no glue residue after removing;

  3. Good flatness of the single sheet:the flatness is excellent after unfolding, and it is not easy to produce creases, which is convenient for installation;

  4. Good ductility and toughness: good tensile strength, which can perfectly cover the tortuous and curved surfaces of the car body;

  5. Strong dimensional stability: the dimensional has no any changes after installation

  6. Good coverage of the whole film: the ultra-wide width is up to 5ft, which ensures the whole film coverage without splicing;

  7. High-efficiency filtering performance: isolate UV radiation, reduce ultraviolet rays and high temperature damage to the original car paint;

  8. Strong corrosion resistance: resistant to chemical corrosion and acid rain, insect carcasses, bird droppings, resin, etc.;

  9. Excellent masking performance: It can completely mask the color of the original car paint, showing the bright color of the car body film itself; And good protect the original car paint.

  10. Self-healing of scratches: The fine scratches on the surface of the film can be automatically healed by the installation process;

  11. Excellent weather resistance: good weather resistance in high temperature, severe cold, sandstorm and sea breeze zone, can always keep bright and long-lasting;

  12. Inert temperature resistance and flame retardant: -40 degrees to 90 degrees temperature difference adaptability, inert heat insulation, can effectively block the high temperature of the sun and reduce the risk of spontaneous combustion;

What you will get from Ravoony car wraps?

  1. Ravoony gives your car a one-of-a-kind look;

  2. Personality and fashion: make your car is different from the others;

  3. Color as you like: any color, random change, random combination of texture, random paste and replacement of the whole vehicle part;

  4. Convenient maintenance: only need to wash the car, no need to do paint beauty;

  5. Protect the car paint: anti-scratch, no need to do paint beauty, seal the original car paint brilliance;

  6. Change if you want: no glue residue after removal, no adhesion residue, no damage to the original car paint;

Quality Ravoony

As the first generation of innovative car wraps leading brand, Ravoony insisting on creating truly unique and innovative colors. Let car owners witness the quality, reliability, service and warranty commitment of the Ravoony brand.

Innovation Ravoony

Ravoony has always been a leader in innovation. With great product research and development and color matching technology, it can continue to launch a series of unique colors with the latest development trends to meet future automotive color needs and provide users with the best product experience.

Original custom color

Ravoony is the first to offer factory custom colors. The custom-developed car body film based on the original car paint is the best choice for users who have high requirements for car body film.

Global Ravoony

Ravoony car wrap films are exported to the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, South Korea and some other countries. Every Ravoony user will have a consensus, that is Ravoony's commitment to quality.

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