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Best carbon fiber wrap, as a three-dimensional texture car wraps, makes the car look more calm and bold from a distance, but it is full of texture when viewed close up. The color of the film is mainly black vinyl wrap, white vinyl wrap and grey vinyl wrap, which can be used for the decoration of the car body or the color change of the interior. This carbon fiber vinyl wrap is made of PVC fiber with excellent performance, which has a three-dimensional texture with real touch, and has different gloss changes with different angles. The super toughness can be stretched at will, and can completely cover the original background color of the body where it is attached. In addition to enhancing the stereoscopic effect of the body, it can also change the monotonous interior color, making your car stand out from the crowd.

If you are a car wrap enthusiast, you like all kinds of cool and fun, carbon fiber film should suit your appetite. Carbon fiber film is a new type of material, which is light in weight, high in toughness and higher in hardness than steel. This type of material is currently used in the bodywork of some supercars. In order to imitate the body material of this supercar, carbon fiber car wrap came into being. Many young car owners love cars, especially the kind of supercars, but looking at the astronomical price, they can only look at the car and sigh.

The carbon fiber film can satisfy the little vanity of young car owners. If you drive a golf, Lingshuai and other cars, wrap carbon fiber film on the whole car, and do some tricks on the exhaust pipe. That is not only cool, definitely eye-catching.