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How to Deal With Car Scratched

Mar 16, 2023 276 0
How to Deal With Car Scratched

The car paint is scratched, just touch up the paint, why do you need a film? 
Nowadays, more and more families have more than one car, roads are becoming more and more congested, and vehicle scratches are inevitable. When the car paint is damaged, it is enough to touch up the paint. Why do you need to install a film? I believe this is the doubt of many car owners. In fact, that is the problem of the original paint, neither touch-up paint nor the film.
When the car is refinishing the paint, whether you are in a 4S shop or an auto repair shop, the repainted car paint will never be as good as the original car paint. If there is only one scratch on the hood of the car and no primer is leaked, there is no need to spray paint at all, because to repair this scratch, the entire hood needs to be sprayed. If a certain part of car has been painted, when the vehicle is going to sale, it will affect the selling price. It is more convincing that not to be painted better than to be painted.
Every time you polish, the paint surface is damaged
If painting has an impact on all aspects of the vehicle itself, does polishing have no harm to the paint? In fact, it is not. The damage of polishing to the car paint is not small. Polishing is to remove a layer of paint surface on the vehicle. It is not a big problem to throw it once in a while, but you must know that the car paint is so thick, and the number of times of polishing is limited, the more times you polish, the paint will be thinner. After a certain number of polish, the primer will be exposed. At that time, it will be difficult for you not to paint.
The original car paint directly affects the value preservation of the car
As we all know, there are three key elements that affect car value preservation: original car paint, engine, and chassis. The original car paint is formed by spraying the frame at a high temperature of 200 degrees. If the original car paint is damaged, it needs to be repainted, but if the body plastic parts, seats and other accessories are baked at this temperature, they will either age or be directly baked, so the repainting temperature can only reach 70-80 degrees.
Regardless of hardness and brightness, it cannot be compared with the original car paint. Even if it is imported paint sprayed at a high price, the color of the adjusted car can be consistent with the original car, and it is still prone to color difference after a long time and aging.

However, if the film is installed, it is much simpler. From an economic point of view, the cost of filming is similar to that of multiple crystal coatings; in terms of time cost, it takes at least 5 days to spray paint at a 4S shop, even if there is no queue, which will cause a lot of inconvenience during this period. It can be completed in 3-4 hours, which is relatively time-saving and trouble-free.
Therefore, compared with touch-up paint, film installed is more economical and time-saving. It is very important to choose a good car wrap brand. Ravoony car wrap is a more reliable car wrap brand.
Vinyl wrap is a relatively popular service in the car beauty market at present. Because the color of the car wrap change the color you like after the film is installed, many car owners will choose this service. However, what should I do if there are scratches after the car is installed with the car wrap film? This article will introduce some solutions for you.
Find a professional car beauty shop for repairs
If the car is scratched after the car wrap is applied, the best solution is to find a professional car beauty shop to repair it. Auto beauty shops generally have professional repair technology and equipment, which can repair the car wrap film and eliminate or reduce scratches. This method needs to choose a car beauty shop with a good reputation and strong professional skills, and also pay attention to whether the price is reasonable.
Replace car vinyl wrap
If the car is severely scratched after the car wrap has been applied, and the repair effect is not ideal, you can consider replacing it. However, you need to find a professional car beauty shop to replace it, if you wrap it by yourself before, it will be easier for you to replace the part of scratch. That is very easy to deal with it.Generally speaking, if the car is scratched after installing the color changing film, you can choose a better car beauty shop to repair or replace it, or do it by yourself.


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