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Infiniti is a luxury car brand under Nissan, which was born in North America in 1989. Headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, it is a Japanese brand and belongs to Japanese cars. With its unique and avant-garde design, excellent product performance and customer-oriented service, Infiniti has quickly become one of the most important brands in the global luxury car market.
Now Infiniti has a full range of coupes, sedans, off-road vehicles and SUVs, and the 2006 M series high-performance sports sedan has joined the Infiniti product family, enriching its product line. In December 2018, the World Brand Lab released the "Top 500 World Brands 2018" list, and Infiniti ranked 348th.
In 2016, Infiniti put forward a new brand proposition "EMPOWER THE DRIVE – unleash the potential". Around this proposition, Infiniti further interprets its brand positioning as a luxury car brand that dares to break through. Based on the three brand values of "people-oriented", "dare to break through" and "continuous innovation", based on the product design and technology research and development concepts of "breakthrough aesthetics" and "innovative approach", Infiniti has created a series of products that integrate innovative design and cutting-edge technical product.
The oval logo of Infiniti represents a road that extends infinitely. The elliptic curve represents infinite expansion, and also symbolizes "the whole world"; the two straight lines represent the road to the peak, symbolizing endless development. The logo and name of Infiniti symbolize a never-ending pursuit of Infiniti people, that is to create a truly luxury car user experience with global competitiveness and the highest customer satisfaction.
Maybe some people are wondering what model the Q50 is. It is actually Infiniti's G series, but it has been changed to a new family-style naming method.
The appearance of the new Infiniti Q50 can be said to have undergone earth-shaking changes from the previous model. The newly designed headlights resemble a triangular shape, and have a light strip similar to the eyebrows. And joined the LED daytime running lights.
The shape of the middle net has not changed much, but the horizontal grille has been replaced with a honeycomb grille. The overall effect is younger and more dynamic.
As for the rear of the car, the tail light group has also undergone a new design, which is more slender and similar in shape to the current M series. The single chrome-plated exhaust on both sides also highlights the sporty atmosphere.
In terms of interior, Q50 continues Infiniti's consistent luxury interior design style. Compared with the current model, the layout of the center console of the new car has changed. The black interior is decorated with wood-color panels, showing luxury and sportiness.
In terms of power, the new Infiniti Q50 will be equipped with a retuned 3.7L V6 engine, and a small-displacement 2.5-liter engine is believed to be launched as well.
The size of the QX56 is still so burly, with a length of 5290mm * width 2030mm * height of 1935mm, and a wheelbase of 3075mm. These data make almost all domestic SUVs feel ashamed. In terms of details, there are more Japanese elements, giving people the feeling of exquisiteness, not as rough as the previous wiring.
The size of the central touch screen has reached 7 inches, which is top-notch in terms of resolution and color, and provides many functions such as DVD playback, vehicle information, 40G hard disk GPS navigation and panoramic reversing images.
Press the DCA control button under the steering wheel, the instrument panel will light up the corresponding indicator light, and the CDA indicator on the LCD screen will also be turned on. At the same time, the instantaneous fuel consumption histogram is displayed, the style is very easy to understand, and it is convenient for car owners to better understand Control the fuel consumption performance of the vehicle for daily driving.
Whatever infiniti q50 wrap, g37 wrap, g35 wrap, which are all hot car type to install the car wrap, especially for midnight purple wrap g35, g37 camo wrap and so on. For G37 wrap, red car wrap would be the one of the best choice.
Red is a classic sports car color of infiniti wrap and one of the most basic three primary colors. It represents enthusiasm, unrestrained, courage, fighting spirit and surging passion. Gloss red car wrap is one of the best-looking reds, and it is particularly touching at first sight! It has a dark red effect in the shade and an orange car wrap color effect in strong sunlight. With streamlined lines and futuristic body proportions, G37 is full of personality. It is full of sporty style while remaining elegant, without being too stable and business-like. The lines of the front of the car appear very coordinated, and the dynamic and stylish appearance highlights the dignity of the G37.