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Motorcycle Wraps

Feb 09, 2023 403 0
Motorcycle Wraps

Motorcycles are one of the daily used transportation, many motorcycle owners would like to choose vinyl wraps to protect their car paint. The most important thing is that motorcycles are basically driven at complicated road, which is easy to damage the car body, the vinyl wrap is your first line of defense against flying chips and dents. Once if we have got  professional knowledge for wrapping and right tools, you can motorcycle wraps by yourself. So what aspects should we pay attention to when wrapping motorcycle film?

  1. Suitable environment

Once you've purchased the vinyl to motorcycle wraps in, choose a place that's dust-free and warm. It cannot be done outdoors or in the sun as you cannot guarantee that your vinyl will not be damaged by dust and UV rays. It's best if you have a working garage, and it's best to give it a thorough cleaning before starting work.

  1. Make sure the car paint is intact before wrappingthe film.

The paint area of motorcycles is less than the cars, it mainly concentrated on the wheel eyebrows and fuel tanks, and the arc is relatively large, so it is more difficult to install the vinyl wrap than cars. Then, before installing the car wrap, the car paint must first be intact. Generally, before applying the film, the technician will restore the brightness of the original car paint to the greatest extent, and first perform a fine wash on the whole car. Wash and dry the motorcycle thoroughly to remove any contaminants in it, then clean with isopropyl and a water solution, and dry it completely with a microfiber cloth before wrapping it in vinyl. There shouldn't be even a speck of dust on it. If it is a black car paint, there will be more scratches on the surface, and it needs to be polished first, so as to ensure the effect after the film is applied.

  1. No latest spray paint marks.

If the vehicle has the latest spray paint, it is not recommended to apply the film, because the surface of the film has an adhesive layer. If the car paint is not completely dry, it is easy to stick to the car paint after the film is applied, which will damage the vehicle.

  1. Tear off the label on the fuel tank.

The car vinyl wrap needs to cover all tank paint, so the original paper sticker on the tank cap needs to be removed and glued off.

  1. The seat and related parts need to be removed when applying the film.

Because the edge of the vinyl car film needs to be edge-banded, the seat and some parts need to be removed when installing, and then the surface of the car paint should be cleaned thoroughly. It is also the biggest feature of paint protection film. When stretched, the glue line is not affected. You'll also have to reassemble the motorcycle after the job is done, so be prepared to reassemble all the parts.

  1. Prepare the right tools ahead of time

When wrapping vinyl, a few correctly fitted tools can make your wrapping process a lot smoother. The Ravoony car wrap has all the possible tools you need to wrap your motorcycle, make sure you have them before you start packing. You can purchase durable, high-quality equipment at an economical price that can be used over and over again to provide the same performance.

  1. Vinyl protective films generally need to be cut by hand, not all of them can be pasted on one film.

According to the size of the fuel tank, the general technician will paste the entire fuel tank with one piece of film, but sometimes because the arc is too large, they will cut it into multiple parts according to the line and paste them. If the film shop where you are located has model data, computer cutting can also be realized, which is faster than the time for film application.

  1. Extra help

You'd be hard-pressed to wrap vinyl around a motorcycle without help. You'll need a companion or two to help you along the way. This is very important for proper vinyl placement and successful removal of creases and air bubbles.

  1. Wrapping in Complex Areas

Curves and cracks are hard to wrap, and you can end up with creases and air bubbles. To avoid this, you need to ensure the proper heat. You can use IR Thermometers from Ravoony to ensure the heat is gentle, otherwise you risk burning the vinyl wrap. Also use the Air Bubble Remove Pin Pen to remove air bubbles, then smooth the area with the Felt Squeegee.

  1. How to maintain a wrapped motorcycle

Wait at least a week to wash your motorcycle after wrapping it in vinyl.

Never take your motorcycle into an automatic wash.

Avoid high pressure washing. Use buckets to wash motorcycles.

Wash vinyl wrap with a mild detergent or car wash.

Always wipe away dirt with a clean microfiber cloth.

Waxing vinyl wrap or using greasy cleaners is not recommended.

Use isopropyl rubbing alcohol to remove stubborn stains from your motorcycle. Rinse the area with cool water after cleaning.

Do not rub the wrap while it is hot, this will cause wrinkling.

Do not park your motorcycle directly in the sun.

Wipe up spilled fuel immediately, then wash affected area by hand.

What effect can vinyl film achieve?

First of all, it can cover up the scratches of the original car and make the old car look brand new. The most important thing is that it generally refers to the impact of stones on the car paint, preventing malicious scratches such as keys and hard objects, and preventing small scratches. In addition, it also has anti-fouling, anti-corrosion and anti-penetration effects to improve the self-cleaning performance of the body.

Wraps are fully reversible.

If you get bored after a while, you can change the look again with a different vinyl. It provides a solid layer of protection for your motorcycle body. Any minor damage to the vinyl can be easily repaired with a heat gun. Wrapping motorcycles is very cost-effective in terms of customization, color and texture.

Ravoony car wrap would be one of the best choice for motorcycle wraps, cheap price with good quality, make the matocycle one-of-a-kind look. Red car vinyl wrap would be the most popular color for peopel to choose for motorcycle wraps, not only charming but cool on the way. 


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