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Seven Common Vinyl Wrap Mistakes To Avoid

Dec 15, 2022 | Self Car Wrap | 0 | 185 | 0
Seven Common Vinyl Wrap Mistakes To Avoid

Car vinyl wrap are becoming more and more popular among car enthusiasts these days. Most car amateurs are willing to change their cars with their favorite colors. Some people like to install the car wrap in the wrap shop because of professional technician, and some people like to watch some videos to learn how to install car film and self car wrap. Simply watching the video is not enough to fully understand the possible mistakes that can occur during the car wrap installation process, and it is still important that we point out some mistakes that can be avoided here. Common mistakes that are easy to make when installing new vinyl car wrap include the following:

The first mistake of wrapping vinyl wrap to avoid: improper cleaning and preparation

The first step in installing car vinyl film is to make sure the surface of the car is very clean. Edge peeling is one of the most common problems for professionals to find in poor packaging operations. If all oil, dirt or debris on the surface of the vehicle is not properly cleaned, the adhesive will not stick, which can easily cause the edge to come off. So it is imperative to thoroughly clean the surface of the car before installing the vinyl wrap. Dirty surfaces can also leave gaps and make your car look bumpy. To avoid running into these problems, make sure your car is cleaned thoroughly in a multi-stage cleaning process to minimize the chance of contamination. Poorly prepared surfaces can cost you a lot if you're not careful.

The second mistake of wrapping vinyl film to avoid: improper measurement

Can you accurately measure the surface of your car? Although, you may have owned your car for a while, but knowing the exact dimensions of your car requires an expert. If you take incorrect measurements when getting your vinyl wrap, you can ruin your entire wrapping project. Worse, when your measurements are lower than expected, you may end up paying more for them. Here we have a formula to calculate:

length of your vehicle x 3 (for the two sides & the top of the vehicle from front to back) + extra for bumpers and mistakes (1.5m to 3m depending on complexity of car and your skill level)

For example:

a 2016 Ford Mustang is 188 inches long:

(188″ x 3) + 10ft

= 47 ft + 10ft

= 57ft

the closest roll size is a 5ft x 59ft so purchase a 5ft x 59ft roll.

Here is the size chart for reference, but please note the size chart is estimated, it is much better to measure your vehicle to ensure the correct amount of vinyl wrap needed.

The third mistake of wrapping vinyl wrap to avoid: the wrong way to use the heat gun

Most beginners are still confused about how much heat to use with a heat gun on vinyl wrap. If you pay too much attention on temperature, you probably don't understand how well vinyl will stick to your car. An ideal starting point for any novice is to use a heat gun set on very low and increase the heat slightly in case the sticker doesn't hold, then continue the same process until the desired temperature is reached. Improper heating can also cause the edges to fall off.

The forth mistake of wrapping vinyl wrap to avoid: improper cropping

After adhering the vinyl to the surface of the vehicle, the excess needs to be trimmed away. Cropping requires precision and a steady hand. Any mistakes in the vinyl cutting process can result in the need to remove the vinyl panels and start over entirely, potentially damaging the finish of the vehicle itself.

The fifth mistake of wrapping vinyl wrap to avoid: cutting corners in the installing process

For a perfect fit, vehicle parts such as door handles, headlights or bumpers may need to be removed. If you try to cut corners and wrap these parts to save time, your wrap will peel or blister by chance. It is better to ask a trained professional, who will know which parts should be removed and which parts should not be removed.

The sixth mistake of wrapping vinyl wrap to avoid: splicing between fragments

In a bad wrapping job, it's common to find a lot of vinyl placed in corners or rivets, simply because the installer didn't know how to work along those sections. So, they tried to cover up those areas with another sheet of vinyl. A vehicle wrap should look seamless. In the end, if the car looks like a patchwork quilt, the wrap was not installed properly.

The seventh mistake of wrapping vinyl wrap to avoid:Poor after-installation procedures

When you're done installing your vinyl graphics, the process doesn't stop there. There are two main processes that must be completed in order to complete the vinyl wrap for the entire vehicle. First, you need to give your car the proper maintenance time. This gives the vinyl enough time to fully adhere to the surface of the car and avoids any chance of air bubbles forming. In addition, post-heating is required to remove the "sticky memory" of the film and make it more airtight.

We hope you are now a step ahead when it comes to installing vinyl wrap, and will do your best to avoid these mistakes when choosing to wrap car by self, and of course no good car wrapping project would be complete without a roll of quality car film. Ravoony vinyl film will add a boost to your perfect packaging. If you want to know anything about car packaging, you can also check out our other blogs. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately!

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