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TPU Paint Protection Film

Jan 06, 2023 298 0
TPU Paint Protection Film

Invisible car cover, also known as car protection film or paint protection film, is a performance-type protective film that is attached to the car paint surface to play the role of anti-scratch, anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, and increase the brightness of the paint surface. Pasting invisible car clothing is a relatively common car beauty project.

Why paste invisible car cover?

The function of the paint protection vehicle wraps is to protect the original car paint from scratches, bumps, oxidative discoloration, and corrosion. The reason why the original paint is so important is that it is unique. The touch-up paint after bumping is spray paint, which is still very different from the original paint. There are 4-5 layers of original paint, mainly including primer (to protect the metal substrate from corrosion), electrophoretic layer (to prevent metal from rusting), middle coat (to strengthen anti-corrosion and provide adhesion conditions for color paint), color paint ( White, red, black body colors we see), varnish (to protect the body color and prevent fading).

  1. Vehicle value preservation: If your car is the original paint and has not suffered any damage, then the value of the vehicle will be different when trading used cars.
  2. Anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation: After the original car paint of the vehicle is exposed to the sun and rain, it will inevitably be oxidized, making the color not bright, dull, etc. Acid rain, gum, various insect corpses, etc. will cause the car to be corroded. The invisible car cover can effectively prevent the car from turning yellow and dull, increase the brightness of the car paint by 30-50%, and has super corrosion resistance, protecting the original car paint from rust and blackening.
  3. Anti-ultraviolet rays: The damage of ultraviolet rays can make the car paint surface form oil to accelerate aging, better care for the gloss of the car, and reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the car paint surface.
  4. Easy to clean and take care of: the Paint Protection Film can resist many insect corpses and bird droppings. If it is dirty, rinse it with water and wipe it clean and bright. There is no need for waxing, crystal plating, polishing and other processes.

Structural Analysis of Paint Protection Film as follow:

The Paint Protection Film is composed of five layers of materials

The first layer is a PET high-transparency protective film. Its function is to protect the coating of UPPF.

The second layer is polyurethane coating, which prevents puncture by external force.

The third layer is TPU optical grade fat poly base film. It also resists external forces when they penetrate the coating.

The fourth layer is a self-crosslinking acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, which exists to add the firmness of UPPF.

The fifth layer is a double dumb release base film.

Material Analysis of Paint Protection Film

PVC material (polyvinyl chloride): The main feature is strong anti-scratch ability and excellent toughness. The cost of this kind of material is relatively low, and there is no problem for a while before it is pasted, but it gradually starts to turn yellow and harden, and the surface of the film will crack within a year.

PU material: It is the first generation of Paint Protection Film. It was released in 1966, but it was widely used in 2004. It has strong toughness but poor corrosion resistance, and it turns yellow quickly. It cannot be repaired after scratches appear.

TPU material (thermoplastic polyurethane): The research and development technology comes from the United States. It is water-resistant, oil-resistant, scratch-resistant, anti-collision, anti-collapsing point, and has good thermoplasticity. It can automatically recover after scratches. Long service life, first-class heat insulation effect, toughness and softness is the best among various materials, and it is also chemical resistant and oxidation resistant.

TPH material: Because TPU material is more expensive, some manufacturers use TPH material instead (PVC+plasticizer). Although this material is cheap, it does not have good flexibility and ductility, and is not resistant to scratches. Do not choose a price lower than the market price. There must be a problem with the material of the invisible car cover.

TPU+coating material: With a thickness of 7.5mil, it has opened up a supermarket in the Paint Protection Film. The flexibility and scratch resistance have been greatly improved, and it has many functions such as anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, and high temperature resistance. The function of TPU is to protect the car paint, and the function of the second coating is to protect the TPU coating. If the car is scratched, the self-repairing of the surface is actually the self-repairing of the coating. TPU is ductile, so the coating also needs to have a certain degree of toughness, otherwise lines will appear during the process of attaching the car cover.

So many brand of PPF can be choosen, why we need to choose Ravoony TPU Paint Protection Film?

  1. The paint surface is not afraid of scratches, scratches can be repaired by themselves

The Ravoony TPU Paint Protection Film can realize the functions of anti-scratch. That is, after the car with the PPF is scratched, the scratch damage will be borne by the invisible car cover. As long as it is not a particularly serious scratch or collision, the car paint surface under the invisible car cover will not be damaged. After the car owner tears off the damaged invisible car cover, the car paint surface will still be as bright as new. At this time, the car owner only needs to replace the damaged part of the invisible car cover without other operations.

The Paint Protection Film made of TPU material also has the function of self-repairing scratches. Ordinary scratches caused by slight scratches can be repaired by themselves at room temperature or under heating, and can be restored to their original state without affecting subsequent use and protection performance. The editor recommends choosing an invisible car cover that can be repaired by itself at room temperature, which will save a lot of trouble.

  1. Not afraid of malicious graffiti

After installing PPF, the car owner does not need to worry about the car being graffitied. For most cars with PPF, after the car is maliciously graffitied, it is only necessary to tear off the invisible car cover, and the graffiti will not appear on the paint surface. Among them, there will be some poor-quality paint protection film. Due to the material or process, the graffiti ink will penetrate into the surface of the paint surface. Therefore, just in case, after the car with the invisible car cover is graffitied, you should remove the protective film from the graffitied area.

Of course, the anti-graffiti performance of the invisible car cover made of TPU is much better, but because of the difference in technology, the anti-graffiti performance is also different. The invisible car covers of some outstanding brands not only have anti-graffiti performance, but also the graffiti can be easily wiped off with a rag without leaving any traces, so the car owner does not need to tear off the PPF. Therefore, car owners can use this as a good or bad criterion when choosing an invisible car cover.

  1. Not afraid of scratching person

The most fearful thing for outdoor parking is that the paint surface of the car will be scratched by some bad guy. After installing the PPF, it is difficult for ordinary keys, stones, screwdrivers, etc. to scratch the surface of the invisible car cover, let alone damage the car paint surface. The invisible car cover made of TPU can be repaired by itself without leaving any traces under heating or normal temperature.

  1. No fear of corrosion

After using the regular paint protection film, it will be closely attached to the car paint surface, forming a tight film protective layer on the car paint surface, which can effectively protect against corrosion from external acid rain, bird droppings, gum, exhaust gas, etc. .

  1. No fear of sun exposure

The material of TPU can withstand a high temperature of about 120 degrees Celsius, even if it is exposed to the sun in summer, it will not affect its normal performance.

  1. The paint surface is bright.

After ppf is used, it will significantly increase the brightness of the car paint surface to a certain extent, forming a mirror effect, thereby improving the display effect of the paint surface.


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