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Wayne Feedback

Mar 10, 2023 251 0
Wayne Feedback

Thank you for Wayne feedback for Ravoony Liquid Metallic Dragon Blood Red Car Vinyl Wrap.

Wayne installed his truck with liquid metal dragon blood wrap and ordered 59ft, but now it is not enough, Ravoony offer 10ft car wrap for free, look forward to the final car wrap shown. 

Red car vinyl wrap is bright and easy to get attractaction, when the car owner decides to change the color of their cars, red would not the first choice usually. When you ask why? The answer would be red is too normal to choose. I like some individualistic. Or may be the answer is that red is good but no special.

If you have the same opinion for that, don't miss Ravoony Liquid Metallic Dragon Blood Red Car Vinyl Wrap, it would refresh your understanding of red car wrap and give you a ceiling-level good-looking red.

The color of liquid metal dragon blood wrap is very domineering, but it does not really come from a dragon. It comes from the dragon's blood tree, which grows very slowly and blooms only once in 100 years, so the longest-lived can reach 8,000 years old. After the dragon's blood tree is injured, it will flow out a red liquid, liquid is a kind of dark red resin, which is regarded as a precious medicinal material in China, and it is often called blood dried or kylin dried.

The dragon blood red color is inspired by this, and its nobility also comes from this. Like a born nobleman, it reveals nobility in its bones. Although Dragon Blood Red is indeed impeccable in color, it needs a flowing metallic texture in order to become the first choice for car owners to change the color.

The liquid metal dragon blood wrap incorporates the unique color and visual depth of liquid metal, which can make the car body glow with thickness and temperature at the same time. Like a stream flowing down from the mountains, covered with dark red roses, it has its own soul and pursuit, as well as its own destination.

The texture of the entire body is extraordinary, as if molten metal is flowing to every inch of the body. Intense and radical, it is the extreme temperature of steaming raging fire, the thickest and most active factor that condenses the blood, and the color that witnesses the continuous forge ahead of the descendants of the dragon. Who wouldn't love this "flowing" color that seems to have life?

In this era of personalized customization, red has always been an unpopular color system. Everyone often posted Ferrari red and Porsche red, which have been lukewarm. Until this color appeared, all major brands were almost out of stock. "Blood Spurt" is the most flowing red, but it is too bright and not too deep. In its unique color, you can feel a kind of vitality temperature, and there is a sense of bursting blood flow from different angles.

More detail of Ravoony Liquid Metallic Dragon Blood Red Car Vinyl Wrap


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