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Which Is Better, Car Paint Or Wrap?

Aug 23, 2023 | Car Wrap Colors | 0 | 149 | 0
Which Is Better, Car Paint Or Wrap?

With the liberalization of policies and people's continuous pursuit of personalization, Which Is Better, Car Paint Or Wrap?changing the appearance of cars has gradually become a trend. At present, there are two ways to change the color, one is "painting the whole car", and the other is "sticking the color change film". Both methods can change the appearance of the car, but there are certain differences between them, and they must be filed with the vehicle management office. Which is better, the whole car painting or color changing film? Let's talk today.

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Advantages of color changing wrap:
The price of color changing film usually ranges from a few thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. If it is too expensive, it is not necessary, because the color changing film is just a fresh picture for a while, and the quality difference is not too big. You can’t choose one that is too cheap, and the maintenance time is short, tearing the film is easy to damage the car paint, and the color change film can be selected at the median price, which is relatively reasonable.faster construction,Which Is Better, Car Paint Or Wrap?The construction of the color changing film can generally be completed in 1-2 days, and there is no need to wait for a long time.Pasting the color changing film is equivalent to putting a protective film on the paint surface of the car. In daily driving, it is inevitable to encounter small scratches, high-speed stone collisions, bird droppings and acid rain corrosion. These factors will damage the original car paint. Pasting the color changing film can Protects car paint from damage.

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Disadvantages of painting:
too long,It takes 5-7 days to complete the painting of the whole car. During this period, the car cannot be used, and the waiting time is too long.Price is too high,It costs tens of thousands of dollars to paint the whole car, which is very expensive.
Unable to preserve value,Spraying paint will destroy the original car paint, and the damage of the original car paint will affect the value preservation rate and greatly reduce the price of the car in the second-hand market.

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With the continuous optimization and upgrading of the color-changing film, the difference between the color-changing effect and the painting of the whole car is getting smaller and smaller.Which Is Better, Car Paint Or Wrap? If you want to resell it in the second-hand market in the future, it is recommended to stick the color-changing film, after all, it will not damage the original car paint. Sticking the color change film can change the color or restore the original car paint anytime and anywhere, which cannot be done by spray paint. The quality of color changing film on the market is uneven. Before applying the film, you should keep your eyes open and choose high-quality color changing film. Otherwise, there will be problems such as color fading, staining and glue retention, which will cause great trouble.

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