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Many car owners must have heard the word "Dark Warrior". In recent years, the style of "Dark Warrior" has become extremely popular in the car circle. It is mainly defined as adding black elements to the car, such as black car paint and car wrap film. The chrome-plated parts and wheels are blackened, the middle grille, tail lip and tail throat are blackened, etc. It can be said that from the beginning of the car, the Darth Vader has become synonymous with high performance and understated luxury. And sticking the "Dark Warrior" style car wrap film is a way that many car owners prefer. In general, the "Dark Warrior" style color car vinyl wrap has two styles of matte car wrap and glossy car wrap, but in detail, the "Dark Warrior" style color changing film can be described as various. Today, I will recommend several "Dark Warrior" style car wrap films, which are full of domineering feeling.

Porcelain black car wrap

Porcelain black car wrap has a ceramic-like jade texture, high smoothness and delicate texture. The film surface has obvious vitreous luster and grease luster, which is both dazzling and eye-catching. Coupled with the cool and calm black, Mercedes-Benz can be domineering and fierce, and can also transform into an elegant and handsome gentleman.

Piano black color car wrap

The film surface is treated with piano gloss, so the color looks brighter and more transparent. In order to make the film surface texture better and free of orange peel lines, the piano black vehicle wrap also adopts a PET double-layer lamination process, so the McLaren that has changed the color of Ravoony piano black will have a very amazing mirror effect.

Matte chrome metal black vinyl film

The Matte chrome metal black vinyl film integrates chrome metal elements into the black, so the film surface will not appear dull, but more textured. After the car changed its color to sub-surface electroplating metal black, it brought a hint of pride and aristocratic composure. Even if it just stopped at the roadside, it seemed to be accompanied by flashing lights.

The glossy black car wrap film belongs to the "Dark Warrior" style wrap film of the glossy series. The effect is similar to the glossy car paint. Look at Honda , which has been changed to glossy black truck wraps. Is it like the spark of thought and inspiration in the silent night? It is noble and elegant, bright and gorgeous, and black can also be eye-catching!

In the eyes of ordinary people, the characteristic of the black warrior is black, from the beginning to the end. But in our view, "Dark Warrior" is not only black, but also black and brilliant!