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Ravoony Plus Gloss BMW Tanzanite Blue Car Vinyl Wrap 01 Ravoony Plus Gloss BMW Tanzanite Blue Car Vinyl Wrap 02
  • 2
$61.99 $79.00
Ravoony Plus Gloss Sandstorm Car Wrap 01 Ravoony Plus Gloss Sandstorm Car Wrap 02
  • 7
$61.99 $89.00
Ravoony Plus Porsche Gloss Carmine Red Vinyl Car Wrap 01 Ravoony Plus Porsche Gloss Carmine Red Vinyl Car Wrap 02
  • 5
$61.99 $79.00
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The main material of car wraps is PVC flexible material, which is mainly attached to the surface of the vehicle body through the polymer material, which is easy to remove. After being installed, it can block the effects of ultraviolet rays, air, acid rain, etc. on the aging of the car paint to a certain extent, and has a certain auxiliary value, which can effectively prolong the service life of the original car paint.

The car wraps can give us a variety of visual effects, which can achieve a driving experience with a high return rate. It can also play a certain protective role, such as daily scratching, ultraviolet radiation, aging corrosion and so on. In addition, the gloss wrap can also bring the value of the original car to the role. For example, when I tear off the car film, the original car paint is still intact, so that the selling price can be increased when the car is sold, which is equivalent to a preservation of the value of the car. In terms of good looks, protection, and value preservation, car sticker color changing film is really worry-free.

Glossy car wrap, it is known from the name as a bright car film, there are two kinds of film: glossy car wrap film and glossy metallic vinyl wrap.It has the characteristics of high gloss and gorgeous visual sense, which gives people a fashionable sense of movement, which is more suitable for sports fashionable cars or sports cars. This colorful and gorgeous gloss vinyl wrap, car owners can choose and match according to their own preferences or mood.You can choose the common gloss black and white, or personality gloss orange car wrap,gloss purple car wrap, gloss green car wrap and so on. With memory and stretchability, it can perfectly fit every part of the body. The casual personality design of the body makes the car break through the traditional restraint, become more fashionable and sporty, and make the vision more impactful.

The glossy car wraps film is more inclined to the original car paint. From the texture point of view, the glossy car wraps film has reflective properties, the surface is smooth, and the visual sense is uniform. Some car owners who like low-key will choose the glossy wrap film.