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Ravoony Plus Gloss BMW Tanzanite Blue Car Vinyl Wrap 01 Ravoony Plus Gloss BMW Tanzanite Blue Car Vinyl Wrap 02
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$61.99 $79.00
Ravoony Plus Glossy Porsche Deep Blue Car Vinyl Wrap 01 Ravoony Plus Glossy Porsche Deep Blue Car Vinyl Wrap 02
  • 3
$61.99 $79.00
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Today there are too many color can be choosen for car wraps, blue always make people to think about the color of ocean, which bring a cool and bright feeling to people, wash away all unpleasantness, and comfort the restless heart!

Glacier Blue, which is an advanced Morandi color system, for Glacier blue vinyl wrap, it not only has a crystal-like texture, but also has a refreshing and translucent blue like a glacier.

Glacier blue satin car wrap, the refreshing light blue collides with the satin-effect film surface, which is fresh and hearty and adds a touch of delicacy and tenderness, making the Tesla 3 after the color change look more advanced and delicate, and it is too beautiful resist~

Tiffany blue car wrap, which is a color between blue and green, also called "Tiffany blue", some people call this color "the most beautiful and happiest blue in the world".

Sky blue, this color is between blue and dark blue. It is named after the color of the blue sky. When the car has a car wrap film with sky blue color, it seems to bring the coolness with you at any time, face the scorching sun with ease.

Dream rock gray,color flip car wrap,this color is not pure blue, but a color formed by the combination of high-grade gray and blue, the vehicle wraps of dream rock gray has a dream-like gradient luster, which radiates out anytime, anywhere, with an elegant atmosphere.

Deep blue stands out for its high-level and low-key atmosphere. Deep blue aqua was originally used to describe the color of blue aqua. There is a little haze in the blue, which is more indifferent and elegant than Klein blue. After sticking it on the car, the green light in the sun is like the lake water of the Seine River.

Meissen Blue, the original Porsche color, is a light blue with a creamy tone. Low-definition and blue tones plus moisturizing film texture, fresh and artistic and milky feeling, it's really lovable~

Porcelain blue, if you have faith in blue, it must be porcelain blue, a pure and transparent blue tone with just the right color saturation. The use of PET backing paper also makes this color changing film more delicate, smooth and textured. And porcelain blue has its own high-end and noble attributes, and it has a unique and quiet beauty in vision.