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Brown is the color of Mother Earth, which embodies the truth and harmony that exists widely in nature; it is the color of stability and protection, it represents full of vitality and emotion; it is a reliable and trustworthy color.

No brown, no autumn, no longer yellowing leaves and rustling autumn wind, eyes full of deep and powerful features, majestic, domineering and resolute. The metal texture visible to the naked eye and the super strong brown tone directly elevate the color layering, the golden light shimmers, and the gorgeous atmosphere is the uniqueness of the electro-optic golden brown. The noble and elegant shape is the halo of the king, a symbol of maturity and stability, and an irresistible charm, noble, stable and magnificent.

The brown car wrap shows the high-end and nobility of the car body, the streamlined body design, the external shape is exquisite and elegant, and the beauty reveals luxury! The golden brown washed by the rain is full of perseverance. The appearance of the whole car vinyl wrap combines domineering and calm, showing an indomitable spirit and a man's true qualities.        

The matte car wrap is very special. The appearance of the body looks very tough. It not only has the sense of stability of a commercial vehicle, but also has some fashionable elements, such as the chrome-plated decorative strips on the body and the chrome-plated door handles, which are not so monotonous. The original chrome vinyl wrap decorative strips on the body The belt is still very solid, and the overall appearance looks very generous!

At first glance, it is full of masculinity, especially this brown vinyl wrap has the taste of a mature man. The road running is basically white and black. This brown is really rare. Marrakech brown, a dessert from Germany - chocolate, with a unique color, symbolizes sweetness and happiness. Marrakech brown color-changing film, low-key but extraordinary, giving people a refreshing feeling, very textured under the light.Satin canyon copper, a noble and elegant color, has an elegant style without losing a sense of power. The simple and elegant copper color with a silky film surface texture is low-key yet wild, shocking the audience as soon as it appears. Wild and literary, it hides an irresistible hormonal atmosphere, like the charm of a mature man, conveying a high-end style.