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I don’t know if you have noticed that our body, especially the air intake grille, door handles, and the upper part of the tail box are all bright and bright. In fact, this bright part is the effect of chrome plating. After chrome plating, the body becomes very silvery,like a silver car wrap. Shiny, very pretty. Almost every truck wraps will have this kind of chrome trim or decorative strip, and it is used in the interior and exterior.

In the 1930s, Cadillac first applied chrome plating to cars. The purpose was to add aesthetics to the car, just like people wearing bright jewelry. After chrome vinyl wrap, it became very popular. Chrome plating was only used on high-end cars. Chrome plating means noble status, and now chrome plating is being used by global car companies. Nowadays, every car has chrome-plated decorations. Vehicles without chrome-plated decorations will look dull and lifeless, and proper chrome-plated It will improve the appearance of many cars. There are bright and dark colors, which look more coordinated. The appearance of chrome plating makes the car more beautiful.

Because chrome looks not only beautiful but also stylish, many cars are decorated with chrome. But we also need to know that chrome plating is actually very practical. The chrome plating layer has good heat resistance. When heated below 500°C, its gloss and hardness will not change significantly. The friction coefficient of the chrome plating layer is small, especially The coefficient of dry friction is the lowest among all metals. Therefore, the chrome plating layer has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Simply put, the chrome-plated part is easier to maintain the finish for a long time, because chrome-plated is not easy to wear and corrode, so the chrome car wrap will also reduce scratches and wear. A chrome finish can also achieve a mirror-like effect, like a glossy car wrap, but brighter than a plain glossy wrap. Chrome plating can also be polished to a shiny silver finish and stays put for a long time.The chrome plating has details and looks layered from certain angles, and the overall bodywork looks very cool.