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Changing the color of a car is a very common topic. In the past, many car owners would choose to paint their car, but painting would have a lot of inconvenience, and the choice of color is also very limited. In recent years, more and more car owners have begun to choose a more convenient, more selective, more convenient and environmentally friendly way, that is to put a car wrap on the car. Hundreds of vinyl wrap colors, dozens of types, you must find the one you love.

Why is car wrap film better than spray paint?

Using car wrap will not damage the original car paint, and can protect the car paint to a certain extent. When there is a small scratch on the vehicle, the car vinyl wrap is first damaged on the outermost layer. If the scratch is not severe, it would not damage the car paint, and the repair is also very simple, just tear the film on the damaged part. It's ok, just put on a new film.

What if you changed the color of your car to paint it, and after a few years you miss the original color? Spray it back again? That would be too much trouble. Car vinyl wrap is not so complicated. You just peel off the film and it goes back to its original color. Spray paint generally can only choose the color, but the car wrap film can also achieve different materials, such as glossy car wrap,matte car wrap, metallic vinyl wrap, carbon fiber vinyl wrap and so on.

According to incomplete statistics, there are tens of thousands of vinyl car wrap colors and there are many colors that we have rarely or even never heard of. For consumers who have difficulty in choosing, what color car vinyl wrap is the best to buy? The best choice is to buy samples or vinyl wrap colors first, and determine the color and finish you like according to your own preferences. You can basically determine what color you like through these two dimensions. Compared with changing the paint, changing the car wrap film is also a very easy task. When you are tired of your car color, you can go to the installation shop to tear off the car film and re-apply the car film of another color. It is simple, convenient and free to do what you want.