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Color matching and color selection principles of car wrap!

Aug 09, 2023 | Car Wrap Colors | 0 | 36 | 0
Color matching and color selection principles of car wrap!

What color is good for car wrap?
What kind of car stickers and what kind of film, in addition to the quality of the same, the color matching is also very important. Car film, in the case of ensuring heat insulation, sightlines and privacy, what color should you choose? How to match it well, what matters need attention, and what are the principles of selection? Today, the editor is here to tell you about it.

Common car body and car film colors,First of all, let's take a look at what are the common body and car film colors on the market?There are four main body colors that are more popular: white, black, red, and blue.Depending on the brand, the car film has different colors, but the more common ones are: colorless (transparent), light natural color, dark natural color, ice blue, olive green, sky blue, dark gray, charcoal black, etc.

Color selection principle
It is taboo to paste dark film on the front windshield;The color choice of car film mainly depends on the car model and the owner's hobbies;The general rules are: deep color car dark color film; light color car light color film;The big off-road and the red car are more casual, and they look good in any combination;The light-colored car film in three colors of blue, green and gray is not ugly when pasted on any car;The color depth has nothing to do with heat insulation and UV protection;When choosing the color of the car film, you should pay attention to it. You can't look at its depth in the sun, but put it on the car window and close the car door and window before looking at it.

The collocation of common models and car film colors

The front windshield film should meet the requirements of traffic regulations. The light transmittance of the front windshield film of the car must be greater than 70%. Therefore, the color standard of the front windshield film should be colorless and highly transparent. It is most taboo to paste dark heat insulation film on the front windshield.2. The color of the side rear film,White car can be matched with sea green, supernatural color, olive green, light gray and other colors;Black car, can be matched with olive green, carbon black, deep natural color and other colors;Blue car can be matched with natural color and light gray;For commercial vehicles and luxury cars, except that the front block has to be pasted with a light-colored car film, the side rear block is more suitable for a dark-colored car film, so that the car looks dynamic and beautiful, and creates its own private space;If your car glass is green, please choose a light-colored film;If you care about creating a private space, choose charcoal black, dark gray.

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