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The classic and versatile gray is a color that can't go wrong. Therefore, whether in the fashion circle or other circles, gray will always have a place, and the car circle is no exception.The classic and versatile gray is a color that can't go wrong. Therefore, whether in the fashion circle or other circles, gray will always have a place, and the car circle is no exception. Whether it is the original color of the car, the color change of the secondary paint or the car wraps for color change, gray is the first choice of many car owners. So if the car owner needs to put a grey vinyl wrap on his car, how should he choose it? Ravoony has selected several popular gray car wrap films for everyone to compare, and car owners who like gray can store it with confidence.

Mountain gray car wrap: Mercedes-Benz gray famous for its models

The color of mountain gray is the original color of Mercedes-Benz, which is famous for its models. Because it first appeared on the AMG models of Mercedes-Benz, this color is also nicknamed AMG Mercedes-Benz mountain gray. Mountain ash is a matte car wrap rather than a glossy car wrap. Therefore, after installing the Mountain gray car wrap, the temperament of the whole vehicle will become restrained and elegant, naturally showing noble temperament. What does it feel like? It is like the comfort and reverie of the distant mountains in the morning light and twilight. You can feel its majesty, grandeur, calmness and atmosphere at the same time.

In addition, the rendering of gray tones can also make the lines of the body better stand out, thus making the body more artistic. And this art also has a low-key and elegant gray, which can show the good taste of the car owner.

Nado Gray Color Change Film: One of BMW's Most Handsome Original Colors

Nado grey car wrap is considered as one of BMW's most handsome factory colors, and it is also the most popular color in 2017. How popular is it? If you travel back to 2017, you will find that almost all BMW owners in China want to change this color. The Nado gray color changing film is 1:1 customized according to the original BMW Nado gray color. The color is not so deep and not so hard, so it will look more vibrant and generous, giving people a kind of the feeling of "taking a step back and opening up the sky". In addition, it is comparable to the texture of the original car paint, car owners who like this color can act without hesitation~

Battleship Gray car wrap film: A Quietly Advanced Sense

Many car owners like gray because of its low-key calmness and atmosphere. But some car owners like gray, but also because of its quiet sense of luxury. Battleship gray car wrap film is a color-changing film that can instantly fill the body texture after it is installed. It can make people who see it instantly think of such a scene: in the distance with a hazy light, there are several icy battleship parked in the distance . Therefore, changing the color of the body to battleship gray can give people a sense of the coexistence of myth and technology, and the sense of luxury comes from this.

Dream Gray/Starry Gray Phantom/Dream Gray Phantom Purple car vinyl wrap: Gray can also be brilliant.

Why dream gray, star gray phantom, dream gray magic purple are three different colors, but we have to combine them to say? This is because ravoony dream gray, star gray phantom, dream gray magic purple color change film belong to the car wrap film of the special series, the car wrap film of this series has a very obvious feature, that is, they all have the film surface effect of Ambilight, which is simply too beautiful to look at in the sun.

Among them, the dream gray film is the collision between the charming girl powder and the restrained gray, so the body color is changed to dream gray, and the whole vehicle has a playful and elegant temperament, fairy and cool, and is the favorite of many young car owners.

The color of Dream Gray Charm Purple Car Wrap Film is actually mainly purple, but because it has a textured gray tone that spreads over a large area, we also count it as one of the gray color changing films in this article. The body color is changed to dreamy gray and charming purple, and the temperament of the whole vehicle will become elegant, noble and charming, and it is easy to create the extraordinary bearing of the car.

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