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Ravoony BMW Brooklyn Grey Vinyl Wrap

Paint Match Vinyl Wrap
4 Reviews

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5ftx3.28ft(Fender) 5ftx10ft(Hood) 5ftx16ft(Bumpers) 5ftx33ft(Micro) 5ftx49ft(Coupe) 5ftx59ft(Sedan) 5ftx69ft(Pickup)
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5ftx3.28ft(Fender) 5ftx10ft(Hood) 5ftx16ft(Bumpers) 5ftx33ft(Micro) 5ftx49ft(Coupe) 5ftx59ft(Sedan) 5ftx69ft(Pickup)

Car scraping is always happended in daily life, car painted is too expensive, wrap Best Ravoony BMW Brooklyn Grey Vinyl Wrap, the same color as original car paint, save money and easy installation. 

In Stock

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Six Layers Strong Structure

PVC Gloss Protective Film
Colloidal Scratch Resistant Coating
Calendered Color Layers
Coating Wear-Resistant Adhesive Layer
Low-Tack Pressure-sensitive Acrylic Adhesive
160g Backing Paper

Keep Your Car As New

Block acid rain and corrosion
Prevent paint surface aging and scratches

Outdoor durable up to 5 years
Resistance high and low tempreture

Super Air Release

Super high-density air channels
Dry application no air bubbles
Exclude air fast

Super Stretchable

After streching, Ravoony car wrap does not change color, no break.
Perfect fit any radian.
Other brand car wrap color changes.

Good Conformity

Easy to install
Fit the curves perfectly
Perfect wrap the full car body similar
as the original paint


Do not damage the car paint after remove
Protection the car paint always as new
Keep the car in value


If the vinyl is scratched
Heat up with heat gun to restore
Good protection of car

Reliable car wrap factory

10,000 Square Meters Workshop

Vehicle Wraps Brand for High Quality

Intention Create 300+ Professional Colors with your heart Full Color and Long Lasting

Brooklyn grey wrap, the king of performance gray, has a high-grade gray. As the exclusive color of BMW performance cars, it is inspired by the reinforced concrete buildings in Brooklyn.

Gray is a low-key and versatile color.Take a closer look at this original car paint grey car wrap. It is a bit like the cement gray in our impression, but it is obviously more delicate. It can also show different light and shade effects under different lights to highlight the layering and movement of the body lines.

The BMW Brooklyn grey vinyl wrap is installed, and the tough lines on the side have a stronger sense of muscle.As the latest color of the M4 Thunder Special Edition, the Brooklyn gray wrap has instantly become one of the modified colors that many car owners want to try first.

How good the car wrap effect is, you can only truly understand it when you see the current car after the film is installed. It can be said that the color of the new M4 is exactly the same as that of the real car, with high-end taste and texture.This sporty car wrap has an outstanding texture. Whether it is day or night, it is full of fighting spirit. When driving on the road, everyone will involuntarily look twice.

  • Brand


  • Color

    Brooklyn Grey

  • Finish


  • SKU


  • Film Type


  • Adhesive

    Acrylic-based, reposition able, slideable

  • Back Paper


  • Recommended Uses

    Full vehicle wraps & graphics, architectural signage, buses, cars & vans, mirrors, bumpers, hoods, roofs, vehicle lettering, watercraft, decals & stripes, accents & trim, electronics, skins & more

  • Conformability

    Flat, simple, and moderate compound curves, convex and concave surfaces

  • Thickness

    6.7 mil

  • Durability

    Up to 3~5 years

  • Removable

    Up to 3 years

  • Application Type


  • Release force (N/25mm)

    0.13 (25℃ and 50%)

  • Initial tack (g/25mm)

    903 (26℃ and 64%, GB31125-2014)

  • Peel Strength (N/25mm)

    4.5 (25℃and 42%, GB/T2792-1998)

  • Holding power (h)

    75.09 (25℃ and 50%, GB/T4851-1998)

  • Breaking strength(%)


  • Application temperature

    From +15℃ to +40℃

  • Post-heating temperature

    110°C flat surfaces, 130°C curves, and overlaps

  • Shrinkage

    Less than 4%

  • Skill level needed


  • Aftercare

    PH neutral, Avoid wax or solvents

  • Shelf Life

    2 years(stored in +10°C to +35°C, relative humidity 50%, in original package, away from direct sunlight, clean and dry place)

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By F***m on 2023/5/7

Very inexpensive. I have grey out my car all by myself except for the tonneau cover lid and the actual roof (those areas are too big for me to comfortable wrap, i'm a beginner).It is worth mentioning that the color of BMW Brooklyn Grey looks very textured. This vinyl car wrap is not too hard to work with it. Make sure you have a heat gun, it helps in some areas. Just make sure you don't overstretch the material or months later you will start to see it shrink about 1/8 of an inch. I got lots of compliments on my paint job but people are blown away when i tell them is vinyl. It's been close to a year and the material has withstand the FL heat.

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By C***n on 2023/4/30

First time doing vinyl packaging. I have an unfinished vehicle that is fading and will eventually rust. I use Ravoony instead of paying someone to paint the car hood. Considering that a painting job costs too much, that's not bad. It also looks very legal, only a few small parts I messed up, such as around the windshield wiper nozzle. Having said that, this vinyl car wrap has saved me a lot of money. If you take it slow and do it well, it looks like a legitimate paint job. In addition, BMW Brooklyn Grey looks unique,it is exactly my type.

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By C***d on 2023/4/24

I love this vinyl wrap. I'm stay home mom that loves crafting. I have a vinyl cutter and I use it to personalize mugs, cups and several other items. I was having a lot of trouble with the vinyl I was using and it did not last very long. When the mugs got hot the sticker peel off. I was very sad because i put a lot of effort in make it perfect. I star looking in this website for all the different vinyl it carries. I read a review of your vinyl car wrap and even though this vinyl is not intended for this kind of kraft I wanted to try it. IT WORKS!!! looks great, my mug look beautiful. It does not PEEL OFF when it gets hot. Thank you very much. Im going to order in other colors.

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By J***o on 2023/2/9

My car was scraped last week, no serious, paint is too expensive,so I think car wrap should be a good choice, so I bought the same color BMW brookly grey car wrap, the effect is amazing, no difference, really save much money!!!!thank you.

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