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Ravoony Plus Bentley Gloss Ghost White Vinyl Car Wrap 01 Ravoony Plus Bentley Gloss Ghost White Vinyl Car Wrap 02
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$61.99 $79.00

The white vinyl wrap includes matte car wrap, glossy car wrap, pearlescent vinyl wrap and satin vinyl wrap.

The glossy truck wraps has reflective properties and the surface is very smooth, on the contrary, the matte film is not reflective, and the surface has a uniform appearance; the matte film is more resistant to stains, and the glossy film needs to be washed frequently, because the stains on the glossy surface will be obvious. The metal film contains metal powder particles, which looks like a metal texture, the shells are more delicate and soft, and the candy color is smoother and fresher.

The Ferrari with white-to-red car wraps film, with a light pink in the white, the body turns red with the movement of the line of sight, it can be said that the face likes a peach blossom, the high-quality texture and color are more durable, and there is no aesthetic fatigue, everything is so perfect, the beauty of the world is nothing but this, the white-to-red car wraps film adds an infinite sense of fashion to Ferrari.

Nissan's entire car has changed its color from matte white to gold. From the pure and flawless, elegant and soft white, a luxurious, noble, dazzling and gorgeous gold is faintly revealed, making the body lines as delicate and gorgeous as finely crafted. Coupled with the contrast of the matte texture, the noble and elegant temperament of the whole car body emerges spontaneously, showing the elegant and atmospheric demeanor of aristocrats everywhere.

Mercedes-Benz can be domineering and mighty, and at the same time, it can also become elegant because of the shell in white car wrap. The whole car perfectly presents the elegant texture of the shell, and the white has a long-lasting classical charm, turning it into a beautiful and quiet shell. Let Mercedes-Benz have both modern and fashionable elegance, but not white depth.

The fusion of white and blue is a romantic, elegant, pure and beautiful encounter. The whole car of Volkswagen changed its color from matte white to purple. Watching the light blue slowly flow out from the white, it is like a bouquet of holy and elegant The lily has grown a romantic dream blue ribbon. The two colors intertwined and the matte body texture collided, resulting in a stunning color change with sharp conflict and wonderful and rare.