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Dream Color Twin Candy Grey Red

Dec 20, 2022 295 0
Dream Color Twin Candy Grey Red

Twin candy grey red color fliper car wrap is close to the color of cement when there is no light, but under the condition of light, the color will show a gradient effect and the texture is excellent. Twin candy grey red color fliper vehicle wraps is also called dream gray charm red, dream red, gray charm red, indoors it looks gray red, and outdoors it is gray under sunlight, so magical, so this film is named twin candy grey red. From different angles, gray and pink alternate with each other, there is also purple pink under the light, the gray is obvious when the light is sufficient, and the pink and purple are obvious when the light is backlit!

Twin candy grey red is the most popular color in the dream series color flip wrap! It is more like a polarizing color, with a light gray tone as a whole, and pink, red, and purple will randomly appear alternately in the sun, creating a hazy dreamy feeling. It is mainly gray, with soft pink in it. With the irradiation of light, the pink halo just like the rising sun piercing through the thick fog, creating a poetic existence! Gives a very warm feeling. Gray is a very temperamental color, giving people a sense of tranquility, humility and elegance. The twin candy grey red is to show the wild side of gentlemen under their reserved appearance. With the illumination of the light, it reflects the special effect of pink, which is colorful and extremely charming.

This whole car looks very dreamy in color, a fusion of volcanic ash colors, and some light pink gradients, which look very dreamy on the car. And it is also different from most cars, because most people will choose a single pure color when changing colors. And this car wrap will make your car look more unique.

The popularity of Tesla Model Y has made electric vehicles popular, and all kinds of Teslas on the street are cooler than the other! The clothes will be the same, not to mention the car wrap film, the twin candy grey red has become the first choice for most Teslas to change the color, but even if the shirt is bumped, the dream volcanic ash is still eye-catching. The base of dream volcanic ash is gray. The biggest feature of this radiant color is that it can provide multiple experiences in one color. It will bring different feelings to the car owner under the light of day and night on sunny days, cloudy days and rainy days.

The current dream series, twin candy grey red is the leading color, romantic and gentle color, temperament gray on the outside, revealing the pink inside, still holding the half-hidden hazy and shyness, directly hitting the beauty of the heart, and it is very resistant to dirt, so I don’t often wash the car would not affect the appearance either. In Ravoony car wrap series, twin candy grey red is also loved by customers because of its unique appearance, so car owners who like this car wrap series, don't miss this color!


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