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After the car has been used for a long time, the color of the car paint will cause visual fatigue. If you want to change the color, the car wrap film is the most direct and effective way. It will not damage the original car paint, but also play a protective role. This film can easily restore the original color.

The color flip wrap candy pink vinyl wrap is full of girlish hearts. At first glance, it is just a simple and pure pink. After the installation is completed, the whole car is soft and shiny, flowing with a romantic and fresh feeling. Under the effect of light and shadow, a touch of pink will appear on the body, creating a sparkling purple-pink flowing fantasy.

Pink is soft, romantic, cute... no amount of words can describe the heartbeat that pink brings, but the pink body color-changing film is attached, adding independence, strength and non-kitsch confidence under the weak, increasing the beauty of balance.

Time is not old, the heart of romance is unchanged, pink will never be outdated, when you see pink and candy, you can always think of sweet first love, change your car into a dreamy color flip car wrap candy pink gloss car wrap. The colors I like are all blended together, but they don't violate the harmony at all. With the movement of the viewing angle, the color of the whole car is changing. It is colorful, pleasing to the eye, very wonderful feel, like the texture of the car paint, if not to mention, I don't know that this is a color flip film, and there will be no traces when it is torn off. It can also protect the paint of the car itself. It really serves multiple purposes.

To be your own master, youth should never be defined, life must live the way you like, although busy and toiled, but as long as you sit in your car, the body passes through the neon lights of the city, and the color changes. Color flip car wraps are different fireworks.

The car vinyl wrap is made of high-density vinyl film. This film can be attached to the surface of the car on the basis of the original car paint. With stable structure, super tensile and weather resistance, fully removable glue, good air conduction effect, easy construction, firm paste, no residual glue after removal, no damage to car paint, dry no foaming, no discoloration, no breaking, high and low temperature resistance, UV resistance, acid rain resistance, no fading, all-round tight fit to the whole car, no cracking or warping, just like the original paint effect. Under the premise of not hurting the original car paint, you can change the color of the car body, paint or pull flowers as you like. The color matching is more autonomous, and there is no trouble of color difference in different parts of the same color. If you want to restore the original car paint, just peel off the film.