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Ravoony Twin Magic Pink Car Vinyl Wrap

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SIZE Chosen: 5ftx3.28ft(Fender), Quantity 1
5ftx3.28ft(Fender) 5ftx10ft(Hood) 5ftx16ft(Bumpers) 5ftx33ft(Micro) 5ftx49ft(Coupe) 5ftx59ft(Sedan) 5ftx69ft(Pickup)
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* Free Shipping

* 3~7 Working Days For Delivery

We've Got Your Back 10ft Wrap For Free

* 3 Years Quality Warranty

* 10ft Car Wrap For Free

* Color Difference Free Exchange or Return

* Trustworthy Payment

* Secure Logistic

We've Got Your Back

3 Years Quality Warranty

Ravoony car wrap warranty covers any defects in materials and manufacturing including bubbling, severe discoloration, adhesive left or cracking for 3 years.

This warranty does not apply to damage to the product caused by erroneous application, accidental or negligent misuse, exposure to corrosive or abrasive materials, or by direct impact from road debris.

10ft Car Wrap For Free:

1. It is only for our customers who ordered more than 49ft (Included) already.

2. After car wrap install, no enough for full wrap.

3. Send the picture of wrapped car to show the shortage.

4. We charge shipping fee for free car wrap, pls place order HERE.

Color Difference Free Exchange or Return

1. 10 natural days for exchange or return once vinyl wrap delivery

2. Contact with our customer service at first

3. You only need pay for the shipping charge to our USA warehouse

Trustworthy Payment

Your payment at RAVOONY is all obtained with global payment security certification.

1.Credit Card


If you have some trouble to pay for the order one time, Paypal pay later would be good choice.

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Secure Logistics

1.Order Tracking

Real-time logistics update system

Track my order

2.Package Safety

Full refund or resend shipment of your damaged or lost package.

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7*24 Customer Service


+852 6616 0116Live chat

First Time To Wrap • Guide Video
Why Choose US Good Car Paint Protection

* Ravoony Car Wrap Is Easy-to-Install, Even For Beginners.

* Ravoony Car Wrap Better Protects Car Paint.

* Avoid 1000$~5000$ Losing For Car Paint Respray

* Good Original Car Paint Increase Over 10% Resale Value

* More Than 400 Colors, 20+ Series Available

* Personalized DIY Customized Design

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Colorful Ravoony Car Wrap Is A Wise Choice For Investment Preservation

Ravoony Saves You $700 Per Year To Maintain Car Paint

There is 95% probability for car paint ruined by acid rain, bird droppings, bug guts,UV Rays and tree sap.

Stones and sand scratch alway damage car paint in daily life.

You have to pay 700$ per year for car paint maintain.

Ravoony car wrap offer all round protect car paint from enviroment issue, save 700$ per year.

Ravoony Protects Car Paint, Avoid Scratching

According to the data of the US insurance, about 1/3 of auto accidents are fender bender each year.

According to the statistics of NHTSA, in urban areas, about 60% of automobile accidents are low-speed collisions, mainly minor scratches.

60% of your car may be scratched just in the parking lot, and 70% may not get the contact information of the car accident.

11.5mil thickness of Ravoony car wrap, good protection of car paint from scratching.

Ravoony Saves You $1000~5000 For Painting Repair

You may have to pay $1,000 to $5,000 for whole car resparay.

The problem of color difference for partial painting is hard to avoid.

With Ravoony car wrap, full wrap is 400$~600$, partail wrap without color difference.

No Monotonous Color Of Car Paint Any More With Ravoony

If you don’t like the color of your car paint, wrap it or paint it?

Repainting will cause damage to the original car paint. When you plan to sell it again, the appraiser will also discount the price because it is not the original car paint.

More than 400+ colors available from Ravoony car wrap, choose any color you like, keep value of orginal car paint.

Ravoony Car Wrap Gives All-Round “Thick”Protection For Your Car Paint, Reducing Over 10% Devalue Of Car Paint.

11.5mil Thickness Car Wrap

Six layers strong structure, high protect the car paint.

Low-Tack Pressure-sensitive Acrylic Adhesive, more than 20 times reposition, friendly for new hands

Small Investment, Big Return

Only 0.4$/day - the money of a cup of instant coffee, not only avoid losing 2000~4000$, but also effectively protect your original car paint.

Protects the car paint against oxidation.

Avoid the damage to the vehicle caused by factors such as insects, bird droppings, ultraviolet rays, rain, snow and stones.

Magical Self-healing Ability OF Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl wrap can be repaired by itself or with heat gum for a slight scratch.

No Color Difference For Partial Replacement

Severe scratches, even if the car film is damaged, the car paint is still protected.

You only need to tear off the film and install the part of the film.

Never worry about the color difference.

Preserve The Value Of Your Investment.

The good performance of original car paint can increase in value of your car over 10% for secondary sale.

Refurbishing Old Car Paint

Traditional painting is not the only way to refurbish the old car paint, Ravoony car wrap is also good choice.

Environmental Protection

Painting process can cause environmental pollution.

No toxic side effects on the human body and the natural environment.

Car wrap does not damage the environment from materials to install.

Wise Decision To Choose Ravoony Car Wrap

Super Air Release

Super high-density air channels

Dry application no air bubbles

Exclude air fast

Super Stretchable

After streching, Ravoony car wrap does not change color, no break.

Perfect fit any radian.

Other brand car wrap color changes.

Pretty Forgiving

Fit the curves perfectly

Perfect wrap the full car body similar as the original paint

More Than 400 Colors Available

Different color at different finish effect, change the color as you like, give your car one of a new kind look.

Professional DIY Customized Service

Personalized DIY customization service Additional advertising economic benefits

Twin Magic Pink Car Vinyl Wrap, full of gentle breath, the main color is pink, and there are light gray and lavender, giving people a dreamy and romantic feeling. The flowing illusion of the color flip vinyl wrap is reflected in the sunlight. No matter how the light and shadow change, the car always flashes with a touch of pink, which makes people stop and fascinated!
Twin Magic Pink Car Vinyl Wrap, a layer of gradient pink purple light is reflected on the fresh and elegant light pink. At first glance, it seems to be a simple and pure pink car wrap, but the hidden mystery gradually emerges. The projection of the rainbow after the rain creates a sparkling flowing illusion. The car vinyl wrap base color is a light white pink with shiny golden particles, and it will shimmer with a faint purple light in the sun. Standing at different angles, you will see different colors. The car after changing the color of the twin magic pink car vinyl wrap is soft and bright, and the flowing romance and sweetness are unforgettable!

  • Brand


  • Color


  • Finish

    Gloss & Color Flip

  • SKU


  • Film Type

    Calender, if you need cast film, pls contact with our customer service.

  • Adhesive

    Acrylic-based, reposition able, slideable

  • Back Paper

    Paper / PET

  • Recommended Uses

    Full vehicle wraps & graphics, architectural signage, buses, cars & vans, mirrors, bumpers, hoods, roofs, vehicle lettering, watercraft, decals & stripes, accents & trim, electronics, skins & more

  • Conformability

    Flat, simple, and moderate compound curves, convex and concave surfaces

  • Thickness

    11.5mil~13.5mil / 0.3mm~0.35mm

  • Durability

    Up to 3~5 years

  • Removable

    Up to 3 years

  • Application Type


  • Initial Tack (N/25mm)


  • 20H Tack (N/25mm)


  • 1 Week Tack (N/25mm)


  • Tensilestrengthen


  • Breaking Strength(%)


  • Application Temperature

    From +15℃ to +40℃

  • Post-heating Temperature

    110°C flat surfaces, 130°C curves, and overlaps

  • Shrinkage

    Less than 4%

  • Skill Level Needed


  • Aftercare

    PH neutral, Avoid wax or solvents

  • Shelf Life

    2 years(stored in +10°C to +35°C, relative humidity 50%, in original package, away from direct sunlight, clean and dry place)

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By G***t on 2023/9/9

My friend purchased the same color and used it to wrap his car, and he said it was easy to operate on his own even without prior experience. This is correct. I put my motorcycle in his store and he completed it all in just over an hour!

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By C***g on 2023/8/14

On cloudy days, it will look very similar to pink, but on sunny days, it will definitely make you feel amazing!! In addition to its unique color, the transportation is also very good, and there has been no damage. We will place more orders.

Customers' feedback
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By J***n on 2023/7/27

The pictures from others really caught my attention. It only took me a minute to think and I placed the order. I hope to have the same effect after receiving the goods!

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By L***a on 2023/7/12

Beautiful pink also changes color with different lighting and angles, very unique!

Customers' feedback
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By G*** on 2023/6/23

Was a breeze to use with a heat gun. Looks amazing, my only complaint is that it doesn't come in bigger feets to wrap my another car

Customers' feedback
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By C***n on 2023/6/5

The Color is great does shift colors at a angle. The vinyl is good quality heavy not thin type. the adhesion seems good time will tell. you definitely need to apply heat to mold it into shape. This is a second car I decided to apply to it , it does give it a unique touch.

Customers' feedback
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By D***r on 2023/5/27

First time ever wrapping. I basically watched a few YouTube videos on wrapping and I had to try this! A few tips for anyone who's going to try this for the first time. Get about 10ft extra! Before you get use to handling the wrap.. to make it do what you want, you will mess some of this up. I bought a 59ft roll to do a two door convertible coupe. And that would have been enough to wrap bumper to bumper..if I didn't destroy the first 10ft trying to figure it out. So I had to buy another 10ft to finish it. Another thing. Even after I got the hang of it, this is an extremely tiring and tedious project. Also I did about 80% of this by myself. Get a partner to help. The wrap it self is awesome! If you mess up you can peel it back up and start over, and over and over

Customers' feedback Customers' feedback
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By M***y on 2023/5/2

I'm thoroughly impressed with this item! The construction and build quality are outstanding, and it's been a reliable product through frequent use. I would wholeheartedly recommend this item to anyone in need of a top-quality product. This is my honest, unpaid review, and while the price could be more affordable, I believe that it's a worthwhile investment for anyone looking for a reliable, high-quality item.

Customers' feedback
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By K***s on 2023/5/1

I think it’s a very nice product for the amount of money I spent . It was my first time ever wrapping a car and one thing I highly recommend is thorough clean all of the edges and heat is your friend . I also found the in tough places I used a adhesive promoter to help it stick . Great value for what you pay and pretty easy to install i would buy again .

Customers' feedback
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By J*** on 2023/4/17

My first time ever doing this and I did my whole car. twin magic color looks very beautiful . Excellent product.

Customers' feedback
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