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Odeesho Feedback

Jan 05, 2024 57 0
Odeesho Feedback

Ravoony Satin Ceramic White to Gold Car Wrap is a unique type of car color changing film, which presents a visual effect of white and gold at different angles and under different lighting conditions. This car color change film seems to have a magical power of transformation. When exposed to sunlight, it presents a dazzling metallic luster, while under other lighting conditions, it exhibits a fresh and bright white texture. The visual effect of this color change makes the vehicle display a charming appearance in different environments, giving the car a unique personality charm.

The satin car wrap aims to provide comprehensive protection for the vehicle surface. It can effectively avoid damage to car paint caused by factors such as scratches, stone impacts, insect collisions, UV rays, and chemical corrosion. After installing the car film, the vehicle can extend the lifespan of the paint, reduce maintenance costs, and maintain its original appearance after removing the car wrap.


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