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Are you tired of looking at your car, wearing the same color coat for several years, and maybe scratches? Do you want to make your car unique and stylish? Do you want to give your car a new look and change its style again?

The satin car wrap has a silky texture, smooth and shiny, and has strong reflection. Coupled with cool and refreshing colors, the more you look, the more gentle you are. The soft brightness of satin will give us a very high-grade visual comfort. When it rains, when the membrane surface encounters water, it is like lifting its veil, the color becomes brighter, the color is natural and mild, and the texture is transparent and watery.

Satin vinyl wrap is called the most high-end modified by many car owners. The surface of the film presents a frosted glass-like matte car wrap effect, which makes the satin black car look more attractive and less shiny, so it is also more resistant to dirt and easier to take care of. The self-contained retro temperament is more attractive, and the natural high-end sense shows its unique taste. The thick black of the whole body is very eye-catching, and it looks extraordinarily transparent and exquisite, showing a modern and unique personality, and exuding an unparalleled handsome charm. Whether it is day or night, the surface of the car can present a calm color with a matte texture, exuding a full of high-end atmosphere in the gorgeousness. The collision between the satin film surface and black creates a sense of future color, bid farewell to the dimness of satin black, and make the whole car more stable and charming, full of calm and casual fashion sense.

Satin gray color changing film belongs to the satin series color changing film. The vehicle wraps has a lustrous and silky satin texture. Its temperament is as soft and elegant as satin. After the color change film of the satin series, the whole car can become more elegant and more elegant, especially suitable for female car owners. The satin grey vinyl wrap combines gray with delicate and silky satin texture. After pasting, it can make the car body not only elegant and comfortable, but also playful and shining, with a variety of styles. The texture is indescribably silky and very high-end.