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Ravoony Plus Glossy Frozen Berry Wrap 01 Ravoony Plus Glossy Frozen Berry Wrap 02
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$63.99 $79.00

Cool car wraps is basically exclusive to boys, so how do girls choose? Today, let's take a look at those pearlescent car wrap suitable for novice female drivers. It is definitely a different landscape on the road!

The first pearl car wrap is white turns to gold, this must be the first choice of many young women! The micro-pearl design is very restrained. It is not very public but contains a little liveliness. Girls who have used ginger highlights will definitely think that the whole car is sprinkled with highlights, and every inch is a slight glitter of blingbling!

Second one is white to purple: Compared with the liveliness of white to gold, this one may be more gentle, exudes a mysterious purple starlight in the light, white is mixed with purple shimmer, purple car wrap seems to be embedded in white, white and purple. The magical collision of the car gives the car a graceful and mature temperament!

The third one is glacier blue: Many girls will like this refreshing feeling very much. The Morandi color system, which has been popular in recent years, is more mysterious and clearer than regular blue vinyl wrap. It is a super suitable for summer. The color is full of freshness.

Pearl white car vinyl wrap: This is a car film that many girls who just go to work will choose. From a distance, it is white like snow and ice, very clean and clear. When you look closely, you can see a pearl-like radiance, fine flash.

Cherry Blossom Powder: Little lolitas with pink sensibilities must check out this one, it's not too amazing! From a distance, it looks like a dreamy cherry blossom pink grass, and from a closer look, it adopts a micro pearlescent design. The little stars seem to grow inside the car, which is romantic and full of poetry.

Which one do you like, contact with our customer service to get the final effect picture.