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The main function of the protective car wrap is to isolate the paint surface from air and rainwater, and to prevent the paint surface from oxidizing, it is a more popular paint protection method now, it can avoid the aging, wear, corrosion, and slight scratches of the car paint.

The vinyl protective film for cars has super stretchability and ductility, it can effectively avoid the damage caused by the small stones and scratches by hard objects. If the scratches are obvious and the paint is not damaged, part of the film can be peeled off and re-applied with a new one.

Suppose that some parts of the car door are dented after being hit, but the paint is not damaged due to the film, so it can be restored by repairing the dent.

The high-quality paint protection car vinyl wrap has the characteristics of no discoloration and no yellowing, which can effectively protect the paint surface from damage. The paint protection white car wrap can also improve the gloss of the car body, and it is more stable and durable, it can protect car within three to five years, even longer.

The protective car wrap is good for corrosion and scratch resistance. The car paint is exposed to the outside for many years, and it is bound to the oxidation, as well as the corrosion of rain, especially acid rain, and the sand or rocks in daily life are unavoidable, or the branches are scratched. The invisible car cover is equivalent to a layer of transparent protective film, which can separate the car paint from the external environment and achieve more effective protection of the car paint.

Elasticity and self-healing ability. The raw material of the invisible car cover comes from TPU. TPU material is a repair material with elastic memory. It can automatically repair some small scratches.

Value preservation is a concern for many car owners. When buying and selling used cars, painted cars are generally not highly valued, and the invisible car cover can perfectly protect the original car paint and improve the brightness of the car paint. It also plays a role in preserving the value while protecting the car paint.