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What sets apart Ravoony Basic Car Wrap from Ravoony Plus collection? The distinction lies in two aspects: the original car film and the adhesive used.

In the case of the original car film, Ravoony Basic Car Wrap features a slightly thinner film, resulting in a car wrap that is thinner compared to the Ravoony Plus Car Wrap.

Both collections use adhesive sourced from Taiwan, China. However, the Basic collection may initially have a faint smell, which dissipates over time. The adhesive in the Basic collection is slightly stickier than that in the Plus collection.

While the Ravoony Basic collection may exhibit a subtle orange peel effect on the car wrap, it is not prominently visible.

Importantly, the Basic collection is the most economical choice for newcomers. If you're planning to do the wrapping yourself and have a limited budget for the car wrap, the Ravoony Basic collection is an excellent option to fulfill your car vinyl wrap needs.