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Ravoony Plus BMW Carbon Black Metallic Vinyl Car Wrap 01 Ravoony Plus BMW Carbon Black Metallic Vinyl Car Wrap 02
$61.99 $79.00
   Ravoony Plus BMW Brooklyn Grey Vinyl Wrap 01    Ravoony Plus BMW Brooklyn Grey Vinyl Wrap 02
  • 10
$61.99 $79.00
Ravoony Plus Porsche Gloss Carmine Red Vinyl Car Wrap 01 Ravoony Plus Porsche Gloss Carmine Red Vinyl Car Wrap 02
  • 5
$61.99 $79.00
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How to judge which car wrap is suitable for you, shop by finish is one of the good way, they are divided into matte car wrap, glossy car wrap, metallic car wrap,carbon fiber vinyl wrap,pearlescent car wrap, color flip vinyl Wrap,protective car wrap and so on.

Matte car wraps: low-brightness reflection, dull and noble, suitable for stable and elegant models, more gentlemanly.

Glossy car wrap: the color is glossy and vivid, fashionable and sporty, it is suitable for supercars, sports cars and hatchbacks. It can also add another interest to stable models.

Metal car wraps: The effect of the product is intuitive and obvious, the metal texture is strong, the surface is finely brushed, the uniformity is good, and the fashion is dynamic.

Carbon fiber car wrap film: carbon fiber textured matte surface, emphasizing three-dimensional sense and elegance, mainly black and white gray, suitable for mid-to-high-end stable models and car interior film, with excellent effect.

Pearlescent film: Under the sunlight during the day, the light of the stars makes the car look very eye-catching. The effect at night is indeed another kind of pearlescent film with a frosted effect. Because of its unique characteristics, it has attracted the attention in public, especially in this individuality era, such color-changing films are more sought after by the public.

Color Flip Vehicle Vinyl Wrap: under the irradiation of light, with different environments and different angles, it gradually changes into various beautiful colors, which are extremely bright.

Protective Car Wrap: bright and transparent, with super toughness, wear resistance, scratch resistance, not easy to change color, automatic repair function, can isolate the car paint surface from the air, and can protect the paint surface for a long time, it can block the original appearance of the paint surface, never aging.