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As the saying goes, sharpening knives does not mistake woodcutters. If you want to have a good effect on the car vinyl wrap, tools are very important. Without good tools, the desired result will not be achieved. Let’s check if you are ready to vinyl wrap tools by yourself?

1. Prepare car wash mud and dust-free cloth before installation.

Because the installation of car wrap has very high requirements on the cleanliness of the paint surface, if the film surface is not cleaned properly, there will be dust spots. If there are a lot of dust spots on the whole vehicle, it will be very ugly. The general car wash cloth and car wash sponge cannot effectively wipe the dust spots and hair balls.

For example,before installing glossy car wrap,it is necessary to use car wash mud to clean the dirty spots of the paint surface for a deep cleaning. After the car wash mud is cleaned, first wipe it with a general car wash towel, and then wipe the entire body with a non-woven fabric, which can effectively avoid dust spots and hairballs. The non-woven fabric is made of 50% wood pulp and 50% polyester fiber, which has good absorption of water and oil, low, is not easy to fluff and chip.

2. Vehicle wrapping tool kit includes professional utility knives, scrapers, baking guns and locators are required.

During the process of installation, do not use clumsy and large utility knives, use slender utility knives that are easy for technicians to store, and the blades are responsive when retractable. It is necessary to use a 30-degree angle film blade, which is convenient for technicians to apply when encountering corner joints. The scraper needs to be with a wool patch. If there is no wool patch, the film surface will be scratched. So you must pay attention to some small details when choosing tools. The roasting gun is relatively less demanding, as long as the power is sufficient and it is durable. If there are relatively few installation workers, it is recommended to use a special magnet positioner for film, which has strong suction and can attach the film to any position on the body. Without the help of other personnel, one person can still work effortlessly.

Come and choose your favorite color for car wrap. You can buy vinyl car wrap colors in advance for color reference.