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As a unique romance in spring, when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, just like the clouds are flying all over the sky, and the cherry blossoms blow snow scattered all over the place. When it comes to pink, our first impression of it is romantic and sweet, and most people seem to be unable to refuse the sweet pink shade.

Therefore, many car owners combine the love with their car, and when they choose the vinyl wrap film, there is no doubt that they show great interest in the basic pink car wrap.

This vinyl wrap film of the pink has a brightness close to the texture of the car paint surface. At the same time, pink is a relatively soft and fresh color. It is not very fashionable but has absolute youthful vitality, which is not conventional.

Pink vinyl wrap it is obviously just a car, but it seems that you can see the fragrant and beautiful cherry blossom forest. The pink and tender cherry blossoms are blooming from the branches. Inadvertently fell into its beautiful whirlpool unable to extricate themselves. Once it starts running, it is not only a girl killer, but also a high-sweet male fan. The light and elegant cherry blossom powder becomes dazzling and more eye-catching under the pearlescent car wrap.

BMW X1 has its own light of success and satisfaction. Its wisdom, courage and tenacity shine like a successful woman. Under this hard shell, it is matched with super-bright cherry pink, metallic car wrap,which instantly adds a lot of color, and also fills up the cute, warm and shy temperament of the girly feeling, and there is a little dream and romance hidden under the cute appearance, aesthetic colors, the bursting atmosphere is as sweet, tender and unforgettable as a girl's first love.

In a diverse world, women are not easy, but lucky. Because this era has a strong sense of tolerance, it gives women enough room to grow. And Ravoony will also achieve a pink and dreamy new realm for women with a stronger development attitude. Put on the super bright metal cherry pink vehicle wraps, the tenderness and innocence, cuteness and sweetness of BMW X1 can instantly appease a fragile glass heart, let the girls shine every moment and be their own perfect princess!