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Ravoony Plus GT Silver Car Vinyl Wrap 01 Ravoony Plus GT Silver Car Vinyl Wrap 02
$61.99 $79.00
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Metallic wrap is one of the most popular series in Ravoony vehicle wraps products. The metal car wraps has multiple colors. The debugging of each color is developed after many times of color highlighting and multi-tone paint. Different angles will always bring the effect of the streamer refractor. Unlike traditional ultra-glossy metal, liquid metal does not contain particles and can completely surpass the metallic texture of ultra-glossy metal.

Most of people would think the car wraps would not have a better texture than the car paint. Until today, such an idea was broken. When they saw the metallic car wrap, the texture, the film surface, and the streamer effect were simply amazing. Ravoony meets different people’s needs for metallic vinyl wrap. This is a color that men will fall in love with and women will like when they see it!

Ravoony metallic wraps film is made of polymer PVC film, with stable structure, good ductility, strong weather resistance, firm paste, and no discoloration when stretched. In the case of not harming the original paint, you can change the color of the car body at will, and the color matching is strong.

Ravoony metallic wraps film can show individuality. For example, the metal purple car wrap and silver car wrap, are very good to show the unique taste of the owner.Some cars with gradient colors on the road look very cool, that is, they are installed with car vinyl wrap. The color-changing film can also cover up the ugly, the car is old, there are touch-up paint everywhere, and the color is uneven, which seems to affect the mood, so simply stick the color-changing film to cover it up. If you want to restore the original car, you only need to remove the color-changing film, leaving no residual glue and no damage to the original paint.