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Many car owners will encounter small bumps or scratches during the process of driving the car, causing the car body to have different degrees of car dents or scratches (in most cases, the primer is not damaged), and some car owners habitually go to spray paint, just change into a new piece of clothing, actually it is not. Here we would like to share how importance of original car paint is. First of all, what is original car paint?
The original car paint is a concept, not an item like a mobile phone screen. The original car paint is a one-off product, it cannot be compared at all for the car left from factory to paint. Therefore, we must protect the original paint of the new car. If there is no primer shown, don't paint it easily.
The difference between original paint and repaired painting:
The first point, the most obvious difference is that the original factory paint is a high-temperature paint, which is baked at least above 130 degrees Celsius, and the paint has stronger adhesion; and the repair paint is generally baked at about 80 degrees Celsius. Paint adhesion is poor.
The second point is that the original paint is composed of primer, medium paint, base paint, and varnish. If the primer of the original paint is rubbed off, when the paint is touched up, this layer of the original primer cannot be repaired at all. Because primer is immersed in the paint pool in the spray shop of the car factory, and attached to it by cathodic electrophoresis, this process cannot be reproduced when it leaves the factory. The primer used for touch-up paint is usually the paint after phosphating treatment, which cannot be compared with the original primer, and the adhesion process is even more different.
If one side of the body is to be repainted, the original factory paint will have to be sanded off first, and the valuable original paint will be lost. Therefore, don't be in a hurry to touch up the paint just because of a little dent or scratch. Once it is repainted, the entire car will immediately depreciate.
The third point is the color difference problem.
It can be said with certainty that the refinish paint cannot achieve the exact same color value as the original paint, but it is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, but the difference can still be seen under strong light. And there will definitely be chromatic aberration over time. The high-precision instruments used by the original car paint to detect the color difference and thickness difference, not to mention the fast repair chain, even the 4S shop of this brand does not have it.
As long as the car paint is resprayed, no matter what refinish paint is used, it will never be as good as the original paint. The impact caused by car paint is particularly prominent in the used car market. So what should you do if the car has small dents and scratches (in the absence of damage to the paint)?
Ravoony Paint Match Vinyl Wrap is based on the original car paint color 1:1 customized car vinyl wrap, which realizes the restoration of the original car paint color. The original intention is to satisfy the needs of car owners who like this original car paint color, no matter the color, gardner or texture, even the final color can not copy 100%, but Ravoony guarantee the paint match vinyl wrap up to 90%.
Paint match vinyl wrap covers the brand of Mclaren, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche and so on, so many differen brand, amazing color.
Paint Match Vinyl Wrap - BMW Brooklyn Grey Wrap
New BMW M3 M4 Brooklyn gray is the same color of original metal paint color of BWM.M4 Thunder Commemorative Edition. Brooklyn Gray Paint Match Vinyl Wrap, the gray exclusive to BMW performance cars, is different from the more common Nardo gray and matte gray.
Brooklyn gray is the gray color of reinforced concrete buildings in Brooklyn, USA, also known as the ceiling of BMW gray car paint! The color is more of a cement gray, but with a hint of blue. The whole body has a bright texture, and it is as silky as the original car paint when it is pasted on the car.
Gray gives people a very low-key feeling, but this Brooklyn Grey car wrap highlights the noble and gentlemanly sense of the car body. It is definitely a temperament gray! A slight blue tone makes Brooklyn gray more unique and distinguishable from other models. Gray, and at the same time the blue tone is not too much, it will not steal the limelight from the gray main tone.
Brooklyn gray is very suitable for low-key gentlemen, it is always so elegant and noble, and the blue-toned cement color makes Brooklyn gray so unique.

Paint Match Vinyl Wrap - Mercedes-Benz Sandstorm Car Wrap

Sandstorm Car Wrap is a limited edition color of Mercedes-Benz G63. Because it is a limited edition color, many car owners can't own it even though they like it. It can be said that it is very heartbreaking. As the first brand in the car wrap industry to launch a series of original factory customized color changing films, Ravoony customized the desert yellow color changing film according to the 1:1 paint color of the Mercedes-Benz G63 Sandstorm Yellow Factory. The original desert yellow color-changing film realizes the ultra-high restoration of the original car paint color of the Mercedes-Benz G63 Sandstorm Yellow. After it is pasted on the car, the film surface effect is almost the same as the original car paint.

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