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There are many factors that affect the appearance of a vehicle, in addition to the design, a good-looking exterior color is also a top priority. When buying a car, some people will choose black car wrap or white car wrap with a higher value preservation rate, and then go to the modification shop to paste their favorite color after picking up the car. What are the most popular colors for vehicle wraps?

Recently, shop by car wrap colors is one of the most popular way for people to select the car wraps, the most popular colors of car wrap film are electro-optical white to gold, white to purple, metallic white, emerald, glacier blue and cement ash, etc.

White to gold, it is the top selection for young girl. It's like the little stars in the Milky Way falling on your car, each of them exudes a dazzling light, elegant and chic without losing nobility, sparkling and blingbling!

White to purple. The color just as the name shown, the white is mixed with purple shimmer, and the purple seems to be embedded in the white, exuding a little pearly light, just like a beautiful eyebrow with beautiful highlights, the collision of white and purple interweaves a different color, yes The perfect match of the goddess!

Metallic White, the color is not particularly high-profile, the daily optional film color, it must be the most beautiful on the road in the evening! Whether it is in the sun or under the light, it shines with a slight shimmer, and the color is a combination of low-key and luxurious, which is very bold.

Emerald, business woman is definitely worth starting! A very noble-sounding color, a color that belongs to the hearts of ladies, adding a super-bright metallic vinyl wrap design makes the originally noble emerald a little more approachable and less "aggressive". The extravagance is not so eye-catching, and it looks more gentle, low-key and connotative.

Glacier Blue, it is very suitable for young boys, it is a very low saturation blue, beautiful and clean! Glacier blue is the lightest blue, is more mysterious and clearer than regular blue. It is a color that is super suitable for summer, clear and advanced.

Cement ash, which is a must-have color for many calm men. This is an extremely low-key and connotative color. It is also the color matching the most fashionable and cutting-edge grandma gray. Low-saturated gray with highlights shining in the sun, the gray is white, the white is gray, and it is full of high-level sense.