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Why Is My Vinyl Wrap Peeling?

May 26, 2023 | Self Car Wrap | 0 | 61 | 0
Why Is My Vinyl Wrap Peeling?

Many car owners are very concerned about the problems after the film is wrapped on the car before wrapping the car.They are afraid of warped edges,peeling and bulges after the car vinyl wrap is wrapped, and they are most afraid of damaging the original car paint. Under normal circumstances, a good wrap will not appear this kind of phenomenon after construction. Regardless of whether it is a glossy car wrap or matte vinyl wrap, such phenomena occur because of poor-quality film and construction technology, because the premise of choosing a good film is good construction technology.

The problem of peeling is nothing more than the following:

  • The problem of material extension, the incorrect stretching direction will cause warping and peeling, and the material will not be evenly dispersed.
  • The car vinyl wrap adhesive problem, the viscosity is too low.
  • The process is not up to standard, the heat setting is not done or the heat setting temperature is not enough.
  • There is a problem with the paint surface of the car body. The peeling of the paint will cause the peel of the car vinyl wrap.
  • The cleaning is not done well, resulting in dust or oil stains on the back adhesive of the car vinyl wrap, which reduces the viscosity of the back adhesive.
  • The construction method is incorrect, causing the structure of the object to exceed the physical limit that the car vinyl wrap can bear.

After the car vinyl wrap has just been wrapped, it needs fine care in a short period of time. Clean the film surface after a week. Do not use a high-pressure water gun to spray directly at the corners and gaps. Do not let sticky items stick to the surface of the film, and it is likely to be torn off with the film when it is dropped. Do not use brushes, sponges containing abrasives, or use a polishing machine to polish and clean the surface of the car film, as it is easy to melt the film and lose its gloss. The above is to prevent edge warping and peeling, what should I do if there is peeling?

The solution to the peeling of the car vinyl wrap:

  • If it is not long before the film is wrapped, this is a construction problem. Don’t worry about doing it yourself, you can contact the store where the film is wrapped.
  • If it takes a long time, you can try to use an adhesion promoter first. If it doesn’t work, you need to re-wrap it. Use a film cutter to cut off the peeling film and change it to another wrap.Cut one centimeter more from the corner, and push it into the crack with a film scraper. Because it takes too long to wrap the car vinyl wrap at intervals, there will be a certain color difference from the new car film after wind and rain.
  • Attention to film wrapping: Get your squeegee and a paper towel ready first. Put your squeegee in a paper towel, and soak the tip of it with a little mild surface cleaner to clean up the lifting edge of the vinyl wrap film. Do notuse an aggressive cleaner as it will compromise the adhesive underneath the film. By doing this, the stickiness of the lifting edge can be brought back to some extent.

If you don't know how to wrap it yourself, don't do it yourself. Since there is a problem, you must find the construction store as soon as possible. If you handle it by yourself, one reason is that you are not professional enough, which may cause greater damage. The second reason is that the store will not be responsible for the after-sales. The construction store does not need to go to N times, just ask for free re-wrapping, they are responsible for this.

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