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BMW was established on March 7, 1916. The predecessor of BMW was an aircraft factory. It was originally famous for manufacturing streamlined biplane reconnaissance aircraft. The name of the predecessor company was BFW, and the founder of the company was Gustan Otto. .
On July 20, 1917, the BFW company began to reorganize and was officially named BMW.
In 1923, BMW developed the first motorcycle engine. At the end of 1923, they contracted to produce motorcycles in Munich, and the R32 motorcycle with the BMW trademark was sold in the market for the first time.
BMW advertised a full page in the morning paper on July 9, 1929, announcing its entry into the automobile manufacturing industry. Thus it was born the legend of BMW's first series-produced car.
The official Chinese name of "BMW" is Bavaria Engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (German: Bayerische Motoren Werke AG), a world-renowned luxury car brand headquartered in Munich, Bavaria Free State. BMW is often called Bimmer, and the brand is often called BMW in mainland China and Taiwan in the early years.
The history of BMW began in 1916, and it was translated as Bayer in the early years of mainland China. The company was originally an aircraft engine manufacturer, and it was still a limited liability company in 1917. In 1918, it changed its name to Bavarian Engine Manufacturing AG and went public. The founder, Jistan Otto's high achievements in the aviation field made him have great ambitions to manufacture cars. His later decision wrote a glorious page for the history of cars, which is influenced by thousands of cars today. Fans love the German BMW car factory.
BMW's blue and white logo symbolizes the spinning propeller, which is a reflection of the company's early history. But the current president of BMW corrected that people always think that the blue and white logo is a propeller, but it should be. BMW's headquarters is in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, and the state flag of Bavaria is blue and white. BMW's name is Bavaria Engine Company, BMW represents Bavaria and represents the most exquisite engine technology in Germany.
In 1923, the first BMW motorcycle came out. Five years later, in 1928, BMW bought the Eisenach Automobile Works and started producing cars. Since then, BMW has brought many masterpieces in the history of automobile manufacturing to the market. These products continue to arouse strong emotions and people's desires, and forged BMW's outstanding reputation as an automobile manufacturer.
BMW is the most successful and most profitable luxury car brand in the world. In 2002, the company successfully sold more than 1 million BMW and MINI brand cars, and the sales record exceeded 1 million for the first time; in the motorcycle business, sales exceeded 92,000 vehicles, a new high in sales.
Globally, the BMW Group employs more than 100,000 people.
Consistently focusing on high-end brands is the foundation of corporate success.
The BMW Group owns three brands: BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce (Rolls-Royce). These brands occupy the high end of each market segment from small cars to top luxury cars, making BMW Group the only manufacturer in the world dedicated to luxury cars and motorcycles.
High-end means "added value". As a high-end brand, BMW's products have rich product connotations in terms of design aesthetics, dynamic and dynamic performance, technical content and overall quality. Therefore, these brands can provide users with practical additional products. value.
On this basis, the BMW Group expects to obtain a higher profit margin per vehicle, so as to continue to maintain profitable growth and ensure the company's independent status in the future.
BMW Group will implement a clear luxury brand strategy for a long time, which will be reflected in a wide range of high-end products and market offensives in the next few years. While focusing on the uniqueness of each brand, the BMW Group will enter new fields by launching new products and promote the company's series of products to more new markets. With this, the company will enter a new realm.
In 2008, the BMW Group sold approximately 1.4 million vehicles, a 40% increase. In the same year, the group's annual sales will exceed 50 billion euros.
As a high-end car brand, BMW not only has a relatively high market share and popularity in the domestic new car market, but also launched a brand used car service in the field of second-hand cars - BMW "Zunxuan", BMW Zunxuan second-hand car is BMW In 2003, the group launched the global unified used car certification project among the global luxury brands. In December 2005, BMW launched the BMW Premium Used Car Certification Project in China.
On March 25, 2015, BMW's odor problem has not been solved for many years, and it may be related to the manufacturer's cost savings. 
On March 4, 2020, BMW's new pure electric BMW i4 concept car was released. The new BMW Group LOGO continues the classic elements of the BMW logo and adopts a two-dimensional flat design.

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The BMW 5 Series, born in 2004, is one of the most outstanding series in the history of automobiles. From ordering a car to picking up the car, some car owners may feel a little impatient because of waiting for a long time, but when they get the car, they will most likely feel that "with this appearance and interior, it is worth waiting!" In 2020, the new BMW 5 Series Li will be officially launched. As one of the representative models with extremely high driving quality, the new BMW 5 Series Li has won many car owners' praise.

Brooklyn grey wrap is a low-key and connotative color of light grey. When BMW 5 series meets brooklyn grey wrap, the low-key becomes an irresistible elegance. Brooklyn grey wrap is developed for those car owners who like low-key but also like the paint effect on the body texture. BMW 5 Series, with smooth body lines and the color of grey, will definitely become the focus of passers-by when driving on the road. Looking at the BMW 5 series wrap under different lighting and angles, it can show different colors and brightness.