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How to Protect Your Car Paint

Aug 25, 2023 | Self Car Wrap | 0 | 42 | 0
How to Protect Your Car Paint

For people who have just received a new car, they will encounter an important question, which is how to protect the precious original car paint? Firstly, we need to understand the composition of car paint. From bottom to top, it consists of an electrophoretic layer, primer, paint, and varnish.

Color paint is mainly used to display the color of the car body, and therefore is the most studied and designed layer of car paint. However, paint is very soft and fragile, and if not frequently protected, it can easily be damaged. Clear paint is a hard and smooth protective layer on the surface of the paint to prevent discoloration and cracking of the paint. Due to frequent outdoor driving, cars are inevitably exposed to the sun's exposure, dust and gravel attacks, and even acid rain erosion. After long-term use, the entire vehicle will become dull and dull.

Nowadays, the quality of car paint is relatively good. Normally, oxidation and discoloration only occur about six months after the new car leaves the factory. However, if not properly cared for, the paint will oxidize and fade in a short period of time (2-3 months). There are roughly three types of improper care:

One is the use of easily oxidizable products. (All products containing oil components)

Secondly, frequent polishing and grinding (including pure polishing and grinding during waxing and sealing) will make the paint surface thinner and thinner.

The third is to dry wipe the dust on the surface of the car paint. Wipe the floating dust on the paint surface with a towel or blanket, which will cause sand particles on the paint surface to scratch the car paint.

So how can we protect the car paint while ensuring proper care? This can be achieved through the following methods.

1. Polishing

In the eyes of many people, if the car paint becomes dull, or if there are sun marks or other scratches on the surface, just polish it. The construction time is short, the price is relatively affordable, and the effect is quite obvious. However, the thickness of the varnish itself is limited, and repeated polishing will make the varnish layer thinner and more fragile, ultimately losing the ability to protect the primer.

2. Waxing

Waxing is the cheapest method among them. Its principle is to use small car wax molecules to fill scratches and dents to restore surface smoothness, while forming a thin wax film on the paint surface, preventing direct contact with air and slowing down the rate of paint oxidation.

Waxing can indeed make car paint shiny in the short term, but due to the soft nature of car wax itself, its durability is very limited. Generally, after washing the car two to three times, the wax layer is completely removed.

3. Glazing and crystal plating

A more durable and hassle free way than waxing is through glaze sealing and coating. These two can actually be considered the same thing, both of which are sprayed with an "invisible protective layer" on the paint surface, but the materials used are slightly different, and the cost of the sealing material is lower. Although the durability is significantly better than waxing, the sealing and coating will gradually peel off over time, depending on the usage environment, and can generally last for 3-6 months.

Speaking of crystal plating, it is essentially different from waxing, glazing, and coating. It can be considered a technique that approaches the properties of the varnish itself, which is to evenly apply a layer of chemical on the surface of the car paint to form a hard protective shell.

However, the price of crystal plating is not affordable for everyone. If you choose high-end products from large brand stores, the price may be several thousand yuan higher. After the disappearance of the crystalline layer, if it is not re crystalline, the aging of the car paint will accelerate. If the crystal is plated again, the car paint needs to be polished before the crystal is plated. If the polishing frequency is too high and the clear paint layer is too thin, it will damage the color paint layer.

    4. Invisible Car Clothing

    In fact, the professional term for invisible car clothing is called paint protective film. Due to the high hardness and toughness of the material itself, it can achieve a more perfect protective effect than crystal plating in daily use, avoiding scratches on the car paint by sand or sharp objects, or corrosion by acid rain or bird droppings. It also has UV resistance and antioxidant ability. Even if it is damaged in a scratch accident, just peel off the invisible car jacket and the car will take on a new look.

    5. Car vinyl wrap

    A high-quality color changing film is attached to the surface of the car paint in the form of physical coverage, without chemical reaction with the paint surface. It not only does not damage the car paint, but also is not easy to leave glue, which can effectively protect the paint surface. Changing colors, such as a new car, can effectively protect the paint while changing colors, which is definitely the result that every car owner hopes to achieve. This is also why more and more people are choosing to wrap their car instead of choosing other methods nowadays.

    Car wrap color selection

    Ravoony Abudhabi Blue Car Vinyl Wrap

    Transfer the blue sea and sky of Abu Dhabi to the car body, with a clear blue, refreshing blue, and unique blue. No blue can replicate it, as if dreaming back to Abu Dhabi, suitable for both boys and girls. No one can refuse Abudhabi Blue Car Vinyl Wrap! What sets it apart from ordinary blue is that it belongs to BMW's blue, which is noble and elegant, showcasing its unique personality. The colors under the sunlight are even brighter, making people unable to move their eyes. If you are a BMW owner, then this kind of blue car wrap must be a must-have choice for you.

    Ravoony Twin Candy Grey Red Color Fliper Car Wrap

    It looks pink purple indoors, and gray outdoors under sunlight. From different angles, gray and pinkish purple are intertwined. When there is sufficient light, gray is obvious, and when there is backlighting on cloudy days, pinkish purple is obvious., The strong contrast between cold and warm highlights the enticing air conditioning of the entire car body, making it eye-catching! Twin Candy Grey Red Color Fliper is a popular color in recent years, with a strong contrast that makes people move and feel particularly warm. This color instantly gives a sweet pink punch to the originally hard and indifferent heart. Whether it's day or night, the turning back rate is high when driving on the street. This dreamy color makes people feel extraordinary and warm. If you also like this color, why not find this red and grey vinyl wrap to decorate your life!

    Ravoony Gloss Beets Purple Vinyl Car Wrap

    The color of Beets Purple comes from a plant, which is generally purplish red in color and bright in color. It is not as bright as purple red or rose red, but rather focuses on the balance and elegance. The MINI full car decoration with beetroot purple color changing film is full of romance and fantasy, making people daydream and reminisce about the overall body and the flowing body contour, highlighting elegance and agility very well. Using this high saturation purple car wrap to change your car, even passersby parked on the roadside can't help but look at your Mini Cooper a few more times.

    Ravoony Sunflower Yellow Vinyl Wrap

    What kind of wrap can attract people? For example, this sunflower yellow vinyl wrap, as the name suggests, is inspired by the color of sunflowers. It blooms as brightly as sunlight, full of sunny colors, giving people a positive and warm feeling. The eye-catching but not impetuous yellow tone brings a different visual impact. Adding some upgrades, agility, fashion, and personality to the entire car, the just right warmth creates a bright and warm comfort.

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