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What Is Nardo GREY Wrap Called?

Aug 17, 2023 | Car Wrap Colors | 0 | 134 | 0
What Is Nardo GREY Wrap Called?

What is Nardo Gray?

Over the past dozen years, a new car color has taken the country by storm. It sparks debate wherever it goes. It is loved and coveted by many. But there are also those who dismiss it and shy away from it. What kind of color has the ability to cause such a fiery reaction in the hearts of car enthusiasts everywhere?

Grey. Specifically, nado grey.

Let's talk about how this Audi color became an utterly iconic part of automotive history.

What is nado grey?

In 2013, Audi rolled out the RS7. The RS7 is a sleek new model that combines the A8's bodywork with the twin-turbo V7 used in its predecessor, and also has a choice between 10 colours. This includes two new shades of grey, Daytona Grey and Nardo Grey. Over the next decade, the Nardo Grey color became insanely popular and ubiquitous. People are associated with its bold and dignified demeanor. While some people refer to this color as "flat gray," this is not true. People often use flat to describe any non-metallic automotive paint. In fact, flat is used to describe the protective layer of a particular type of varnish or paint job. The top layer of Naldo Grey is actually quite glossy. For grey, the color is deceptively complex, with blue undertones and the aforementioned glossy finish giving it something extra. Soon, it became a regular on social media, with supporters calling it "one of the greatest car colors of all time" and critics calling it "essentially an entry." These reactions got the attention of other automakers, and strangely similar gray car colors began to hit the market. Similar to BMW brooklyn grey and Porsche grey and so on.

The Symbolism of Nardo Gray

Nardo gray is also commonly known as battleship or primer gray, and thus symbolizes strength and resilience. If you want to try and match your car with the nardo grey range of car wraps, this Gloss Nardo Grey Wrap from Ravoony is just what you need.

How long will the Nardo grey wrap last?

Nardo grey wrap can be used for up to 5 years under normal conditions, you should check the size of the car wrap you need before purchasing. We also recommend that you remove and apply new vinyl wrap every two years. The reason for this is that the vinyl is easier to remove in a single.

Is the Nardo grey wrap easy to install?

Ease of installation will of course depend on your car vinyl wrap installation experience, but boat, car and motorcycle wraps with good air release are certainly easier. And the thickness and air release capabilities of our ravoony car wraps give you a lot of room for error, so even the most inexperienced DIY wrappers can do well.

How do I get nardo grey on my car?

The simple answer is to buy a roll of Ravoony Nardo Grey Wrap. Invented in the 1920s, car vinyl wrap became popular in the 50s when big companies realized they could advertise on the road using an expensive program. Wraps have become more popular as technology has made the process cheaper, with more and more people wrapping their cars in new colors or patterns. Numerous vehicles on social media purporting to be nardo gray are actually wrapped in nardo grey wrap.

So if you like nardo grey, you can choose this Ravoony nardo grey wrap for your car!

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