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In 1962, Ford developed Mustang's first concept car, the Mustang I concept car. It is a two-seater sports car with a mid-engine. The name of the Mustang is to commemorate the legendary American P-51 Mustang fighter jet in World War II. In September 2022, the new generation of Ford Mustang will make its global debut.
Because the two-seater design of the Mustang I Mustang concept car was too low in practicality and was rejected by Ford executives, in October 1963, Ford launched the Mustang II concept car, changing the layout to the front of the engine and adopting a four-seater layout. On April 17, 1964, the first-generation mass-produced Mustang, after repeated demonstrations and modifications by the Ford team, was officially released at the New York World Expo. Since then, the Mustang has officially shown its style to the world. : $2368. Ford's timetable was a perfect coincidence that the postwar baby boomer generation was just entering car buying age, a generation with very different requirements for cars than their parents. They wanted to express their individuality, and the Mustang came into being.

The iconic extended hood and shorter rear deck mark 40 years of history, just as these classic design styles have become the hallmark of Mustang since the 1960s: C-opening on the side of the body, three-way Taillights and a galloping horse logo in the middle of the grille. The ferocious shark-like nose of the Mustang conveys to us an elusive feeling that has been elusive since the late 1960s. The headlights are a manifestation of Ford's amazing innovative design capabilities. The purpose-built muscle-car chassis is completely new, with a work-of-art front suspension and precise triple-link rear axle with Panhard rods. All of the above, coupled with the precise direct steering system and powerful disc brakes, I believe Mustang will definitely give you a higher level of muscle car driving experience.
The appearance is simple and unpretentious, but it exudes a kind of wildness from the inside. The unpretentious and simple appearance is all about practicality, which is a prominent feature of Mustang. The front face is too conservative, and it is not much different from ordinary cars, and it does not show the domineering of a sports car at all. The two creases on the bonnet finally set the tone for the entire front. And the whole dynamic seems to come from the Mercedes-Benz Mustang logo, and the black honeycomb radiator grille further sets off the momentum of the chrome-plated logo. It is said that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and it seems that the plain headlights are mainly responsible for the low momentum of the vehicle.
Although the side of the body is still dominated by stability, a trapezoidal concave line starts from the front fender and goes straight to the rear fender, revealing the dynamics of the whole vehicle. The tail is also mainly stable. The vertical taillights adopt a characteristic strip and rectangle design. No matter how you look at it, it is a car. If it is not for the reminder of the rear wing, it is difficult to classify the Mustang as a sports car.
In general, the appearance of the Mustang is more than stable but not dynamic, but the stable and tough temperament exuding from the whole body is easy to feel. In addition, the Mustang gives people an extremely rustic feeling. If you drive a Mustang, jeans will be more suitable than suits and leather shoes.
People alway plan to install Mustang Car Wraps, in addition to the four versatile colors of black, white, gray and silver, lots of people will also choose red car wrap. Mustang's cool models are most suitable for red vinyl film, sexy and enchanting, hot and sassy, this is the best description for red car wrap. The burgundy car wrap seems to have an intoxicating mellow fragrance. There are always some car owners who are obsessed with this style. Mustangs resident on the street are endowed with high-end temperament. which is reflecting the urban sentiment, the charming and delicate posture is particularly eye-catching, such as Burgundy wine, the more delicious it is.

If you like white car wrap but feel that white is too common for Mustang Car Wraps, then this white car wrap series must be very suitable for you! The white car wrap, at first glance, is ordinary white, but the light red is neutralized in the middle of the white. With the movement of the car body, a layer of hazy red appears on the white car body, giving people a peach blossom look. Tenderness. The effect of red will be more obvious when you look closely. The paint surface of the body is no longer static white. The holy and elegant white reveals a passionate and deep red.
The low-key and unique feeling of the white to pink car wrap is very suitable for both male and female car owners. I believe you must be moved by the results! Ravoony car wrap, put on an elegant "battle suit" for your car, and walk in the forefront of the trend of car modification. After the car has been used for a long time, the color of the car paint will make people feel visual fatigue, and the most direct and effective way is to install the car wrap on the car. It will not only not damage the original car paint, but also play a protective role. The layer film can easily restore the original color. Ravoony car wrap adopts removable imported adhesive, which has the characteristics of repeated posting, permanent, and removable, which is convenient for construction, and there is no glue residue after removal.